Awesome Long Haircuts (26)

Hair trends for women come and go, but long hair is always here! Are you getting a little bored with your current long hairstyle? You might be ready for a different look or maybe you only need to add a modern touch to your hairstyle. Let these awesome long haircuts inspire you!
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  • Long straight haircut with layers and textured tips
  • Shoulder covering hairstyle with layers and scrunching
  • Long hairstyle with sleek layers and a center part
  • Powerful hairstyle with fluffed up curls
  • Razor-cut hair with softness and curved bangs
  • Long hairstyle with soft blonde curls
  • Long hair with layering and loose curls
  • Long blunt cut hair with curls
  • Blonde hair with spiral curls and smooth bangs
  • Long hairstyle with gentle waves and point-cut bangs
  • Just below the shoulders haircut with layers and curls
  • 1950s vintage inspired hairstyle with curving lines
  • Shiny straight hair with an irregular side part
  • Red hair with bouncy spiral curls
  • Long hairstyle with tight curls and an irregular parting
  • Long haircut with a sleek top and curled ends
  • Long hair with lifted bangs and curled ends
  • Hairstyle with the bangs pulled back with a barrette
  • Long hairdo with a crinkled bun and an extravagant appeal
  • Long hairstyle with waves and short rounded bangs
  • Long hair styled with texture spray
  • Long hair styled with molding putty and dry wax
  • Long hairstyle with off center parting, curls and waves
  • Long hair with a sleek top section and small curls
  • Long blonde hair with huge spiral curls
  • Just below the shoulders hair with waves and bounce
  • Long hairstyle with a cascade of satiny curls
  • Tapered hair with a light and feathery feel
  • Long silvery grey hair with a middle part
  • more long hairstyles

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