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Hairstyles that change the look of the face
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The artists at Scruples once again bring us a collection designed to amaze and astound. The looks featured in "Illusionist" take the common elements used by the traditional hair artist and show us the kind of magic that can be created by one with a masterful touch.
Note how the elements of hair design combine in these looks to create change in the face they frame. The most amazing thing about these illusions, though, is that they are very real.


Bob cut with side-parting for women with a high forehead
The classic bob cut (A-line with internal layering to allow for smooth inward curves) shown here has a side-parting and a swooping fringe. These elements are great for coping with the problem features of our model: her high forehead and wide mouth. Yet when you add in the accent color shown here patterned to bring to mind flame, the effects are increased.
The focus of the viewer is drawn upward to the eyes by the smooth outward flare of the fringe line, bracketed by the passive side parenthetical shape. This has the benefit of drawing attention away from the mouth and emphasizing an oval silhouette.


Short hairstyle for a small head and low forehead
With Julie, we see a model whose small head makes her facial features appear crowded. Her forehead appears low, and the overall look seems "off". However, the stacked bob shown here is deeply textured with a razor and styled for volume and to create a soft expansion.
The soft, neutral blonde tones blend well with Julie's skin and the diffuse edges allow you to see her features as being present in a less-crowded setting. The soft blow-out with structuring-paste allows for a defined styling of strands that are delicate without seeming stringy and limp.


Hair cutting and coloring to make the head appear broader
With the next face, belonging to the lovely Kristen, the lower half of the face seems longer, heavy and out-of-balance with the rest of the head. But this long, razor-cut style features a crisp, gently curved fringe and sleek, smooth tapering along the sides of the face. When combined with the pale, high-contrast highlighting, and sleek-straight styling, the effect it creates balances the face beautifully.
The length of the style makes the face appear more balanced vertically, since the classic version of this cut stops at the top of the shoulder. But the fringe, with its radial pattern of highlights draws focus to the eyes and makes the upper section of the head appear broader and therefore more in balance with the width of the lower half of the face.


Haircut to make a face look longer
Lauren is a beautiful young woman with a long, graceful, swan-like neck, yet whose forehead is a little shallow. This layered bob with the elongated sideburn and tapered forward perimeter edge features a fringe that curves gently and rises above the brow bone. This has the benefit - when combined with the soft, smooth styling, and the fine-grain highlight effects in the rich coppery tones - of making the forehead appear longer, thanks to the vertical focus of the styling and color pattern.
The cut is precise, and the styling is equally precise - of necessity. The foreground length grants an added benefit to the face in that it makes the face appear slightly longer, and thus prevents the neck from looking too exaggerated and gangly.


Haircut and hair coloring for a pointed chin
Sara's look is one that while beautiful, can be deemed a little angular. The jawline is squared and the chin is pointed. The long, layered cut shown here, works in her favor because it features curves in the areas that might normally be blocky and angled normally. The highlight/lowlight pattern in the hair's straight styling forms a radial effect, which creates the impression of roundness without being too dramatic about it.
The layers are styled at the lower portions of the hair to flare slightly outward, which helps to give the impression of softness, and breadth to the chin and lower jaw. The neutral tones reinforce the softness and subtlety of the style leaving the eyes as the only element to stand unobscured.
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