Hair Loss Q&A

Bush with lost hair
Can anesthesia cause hair loss?
Can a diet change be the cause of my hair loss and dandruff problem?
Did you ever hear about birth control pills causing hair loss?
Does how you treat your hair when you're young affect hair loss when older?
Does straightening your hair cause hair loss?
Does stress affect hair loss?
Do you have any advice to prevent my hair from falling out?
Do you know of people with hair loss related to hypertension medication?
Do you think my scalp is stressed from all the tight buns and maybe a bad hairbrush?
How can I stop my hair falling?
How do bald spot concealers work? Is it an effective method to hide hair loss?
How many hairs do we lose per day? Do we lose more hairs in a day when we get older?
I am losing my eyebrow hair. What is happening to me?
If my hand snags gently a hair will come out. Is that damaging?
If you have any information on childhood alopecia, please let me know.
I had a baby 7 months ago and ever since my hair has been falling out in clumps.
I have severe hair fall after pregnancy. How can I make my hair look better?
I have been experiencing extreme hair loss. Can I get it cut and colored without having it washed?
I have traction alopecia. Do you have any hairstyle suggestions?
I'm 19 years old, and I have a receding hairline. Please help me the best you can.
I'm losing all my hair and also my eyelashes and eyebrows. Any suggestions?
I'm losing long strands of hair. How can I stop the shedding?
I'm nearly 19 and my hair is getting progressively thinner. Why?
I need a haircut by someone with experience with people taking chemo. Any suggestions?
I noticed a thin spot on the back of my head.
Is dyeing my hair often the cause for my hair loss?
Is it possible for every single hair on the scalp to miniaturize?
Is it possible to lose hair by constantly pulling it back in a ponytail?
Is it possible to reverse hair loss and damage due to heat styling?
Is it true that balding comes from your mother's father?
Is it true that long hair causes hair loss?
Is it true that tying your hair in tight ponytails can lead to recession of the hairline?
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