Cute Long Hairstyles (27)

If you are looking for long hair inspiration and photos to take to the hair salon on your next appointment, this is where you'll find it! Whatever your reason for wanting a new long hairstyle, you'll find plenty of ideas in our long hairstyles gallery!
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  • Modern long hairstyle with flowing lengths
  • Long hair with a middle part and soft volume
  • Fashionable long hairstyle with slithered edges
  • Blow and go haircut with straight thick lines
  • Smooth long hair that curves around the neck
  • Hair with a smooth middle part and curled ends
  • Long satiny hair with smooth styling along the face
  • Easy maintenance long hairstyle with nothing to worry about
  • Wavy chestnut brown hair that gathers around the shoulders
  • Long layered hairstyle for platinum blonde hair
  • Long saddle brown hair with curled ends
  • Below the shoulders hair with bulky bangs
  • Sleek hair that fans over the shoulders
  • Long and soft blonde hair with angled edges
  • Long and easy to wear platinum blonde bob
  • Long dark hair with beautiful waves
  • Hairstyle with silky hair that plunges past the shoulders
  • Hairstyle with curls that cluster around the shoulders
  • Blonde hair with jumbo curls and waves
  • Long bluntly angled haircut that frames the face
  • Long dark hair with orange streaks and full bangs
  • Long sleek hair with powerful coloring
  • Hairstyle with long bangs and tousled curls
  • Trendy long hairstyle with sweeping layers
  • Long hair with a sleek top and deconstructed curls
  • Glamour hairstyle with layers, curls and waves
  • Hair with defined curls that look natural
  • Long hairstyle with rolled tapered sides
  • Long brunette hairstyle with layers and lacquered bangs
  • more long hairstyles

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