Hairstyles, Hair Care & Fashion

How to Style Hair

Asian Hair
The challenges you might face in dealing with Asian hair, and how to adapt your styling techniques to maximize your results.
Basic Blowout
A proper blowout can add fullness and volume to the hair, can straighten curls, and can even add shine.
Basic Parting Techniques
Add new interest to an old hairstyle by changing the line you use to part your hair.
Blow Drying Basics
A blow out is a great way to achieve straight hair without loosing your natural waves.
Combing and Brushing Basics
The idea of needing special instruction on how to comb or brush your hair may seem unnecessary. However, there are still a lot of myths floating around out there and we need to dispose of them.
Curling Irons - A What's What Guide
If you go shopping today in your local beauty supply store you can find dozens of different sizes, shapes and styles of irons.
Evening, Daytime and Sporty Hairstyles
There are daytime hairstyles and evening hairstyles and even sporty hairstyles. We are going to talk about hairstyles that would fit for your fine dining out.
Free-Style Curls
Technique for free-style curls. An easy way to add some variety to your hairstyle without wearing rollers.
Hairdressing Coursebooks
A selection of books used by students and cosmetologists. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations.
Hairstyling Tools: Tips and Tricks
Some basics on hairstyling tools available, what they're best used for and some tips on how to use them.
Hair Styling Tools, Products and Accessories
A selection of tools and products for better and easier hair styling.
Hairstyling Without Appliances
Styling instructions for finger waves, barrel curls and pin curls without using hairstyling appliances.
Heat Styling Basics
Heat styling can be damaging to your hair if not done properly. A look at the basics of heat styling, one appliance at a time.
Hairstyling Tricks
There are tricks to every trade and hairstyling is no exception. Some of the most common looks in hair fashion today, and the tricks to getting them perfect.
Hairstyling DVDs and Videos
Instructional hairstyling DVDs and videos. Styling tips and techniques of hair stylists.
Hair Tips for Traveling
Our hair is oftentimes the very first thing people notice about us and when traveling we are encountering lots of new faces that we are ultimately making a first impression on.
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