Hair Extensions Q&A

Hair extensions and tools
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Any tips for do-it-yourself hair extensions?
Can extensions work just to lengthen bangs?
Can I blowdry my hair extensions if they are real hair with the method of gluing?
Can I curl or straighten fiber hair extensions?
Can I dye my real hair after having extensions put?
Can I go in a chlorinated or a salt water pool and in the sea with my hair extensions?
Can I perm hair extensions?
Can I use heat protection lotion on hair extensions?
Can women with fine or thin hair get hair extensions?
Can you add a weave or extensions to dread locks and make them permanent?
Can you dye hair extensions lighter?
Can you tell me more about Brazilian Weave hair extensions?
Does synthetic braiding hair damage your real hair or help your hair grow?
Do I need to buy a special brush for my extensions?
Do you have specific shampoos you suggest for real hair extensions?
Hair loss and extensions question
How can I avoid the roots of my extensions sticking together?
How can I be sure that human hair extensions will blend in with my already long hair?
How can I remove hair extensions that have been glued to my hair?
How do I store my hair extensions when they are not in use?
How do temporary hair extensions work?
How long does it take to apply hair extensions?
How long do hair extensions last for before having to be removed or replaced?
How long has hair to be for a person to have extensions put in it?
I have just had some hair extensions, and my scalp is incredibly itchy.
I have purchased human hair clip on extensions and am disappointed at how tangled they get.
Is it ok to dye hair extensions?
Is it possible to hide the undercut hair in my nape with extensions?
Is it true that it's easy to apply micro loop hair extensions?
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