Pictures of Hairstyles for Long Hair (18)

Whether you haven't updated your hair in years, or you simply want to try something new, these long hairstyles will inspire you to head straight to your hairdresser! Having long hair gives you an advantage when it comes to cuts and styling options, because you have more hair to work with.
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  • steep tapering for long hair
  • wavy long hair
  • hair below the shoulders
  • hair with the ends turned in
  • wild look for long hair
  • long hair past the shoulders
  • long blunt cut hair
  • just out of bed look for long hair
  • bouncy curls
  • long rippled curls
  • hair below the shoulders
  • dance-inspired look
  • safari look
  • shiny finished look
  • flowing bangs
  • Rock look
  • breast length hairdo
  • free falling curls
  • tapered long hair
  • long curly hair
  • cascade of curls
  • curls full of live
  • long-haired style
  • 60s flip hair look
  • angled layer hair style
  • long waves hairstyle
  • style with long smooth coils
  • long wavy hairdo
  • silky long curls
  • more long hairstyles

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