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Voltaire Couture Collection

This hairstyles collection is dedicated to Adrian Wood, creative director and co-founder of eye'candy, who sadly died in December 2005.
  • short hairstyle
  • short haircut
  • short haircut
  • short curly hair
  • long wavy hair
  • long wavy hairstyle
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Inspired by the elegance of aristocratic beauty from a bygone era, this collection combines womanly silhouettes with the innocence of youth. Classic styles take unexpected twists with fairytale curls and light, playful textures.
Effortlessly sophisticated and luxurious in their finish, these looks encapsulate eye'candy and share the values we stand for: inspiration, individuality, accessibility, credibility and clarity.
Hair: eye'candy artistic team
Photography: John Rawson
Styling: Bernard Connolly
Make up: Liz Rochford