Modern Styles for Long Hair (15)

Are you bored of your old hairstyle? A new hairstyle can change your whole appearance, and you will love the joy of changing your look! The right long hair style will bring your natural beauty to the forefront. Keep on scrolling for plenty of long hair inspiration!
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  • Style with a combination of long and short hair
  • Long hair with a mix of wave patters
  • Hair with soft round lines and a natural flow
  • Long hair with cascading waves and curls
  • Hairdo with the bangs wound into a sausage curl
  • Long red hair with mini waves
  • Platinum blonde curls that frame the face
  • Long hair with natural looking curls
  • Long hair styled with an outward bending
  • Long hair with volume and satiny curls
  • Long blonde hair with cascading waves
  • Long hairstyle with crimped hair
  • Free-moving long hair with large curls
  • Seventies wings haircut with layers around the face
  • Sleek long hair and bangs with rounded corners
  • Long layered hair with lift and deep bangs
  • Long curly hair with balanced layers
  • Long razor-cut hair with smoothly curved bangs
  • Hair with natural waves and a middle part
  • Hairstyle with a simple fall of curls
  • Shag cut with wild and soft layers
  • Boho hairstyle for long hair with irregular waves
  • Long wavy hairstyle with highlighted red hair
  • Long white hair with soft layers
  • Long freshly blown out hair with volume
  • Sleek long hair with just above the eyes bangs
  • Long blonde hairstyle with loose cork-screw curls
  • Smooth brown hair with highlights
  • Long brown hair with wet look styling
  • more long hairstyles

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