Styling Hair Q&A

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Any tips on how I can curl the hair at the back of my head using curling tongs?
Any tips to make hair look ok after wearing a motorcycle helmet?
Are there methods to keep my long hair out of my eyes? I'm a man.
Are waves softer than a perm?
Can barrettes work in short thick hair?
Can I do dreadlocks myself?
Can I use foam rollers for the long hair roller set? What size?
Can you explain how to put hair in a ponytail?
Can you give advice on how to curl my fine hair with curling thongs?
Can you give any advice on how to disguise badly cut bangs?
Can you give me directions for wrapping a spiral perm?
Can you help me find plastic interlocking combs?
Can you please tell me how to part hair into a T?
Can you tell me how to create the vintage shingle bob look?
Could you tell me how to put ringlets in rags for a child's long hair?
How can I add some volume to my bangs?
How can I avoid or fix the crease in my hair after wearing it in a ponytail?
How can I create a strong-holding mohawk?
How can I create beach waves without perming my hair?
How can I create bouncy curls with my waist-length hair with a flat iron?
How can I create volume to limit the amount of greasy hair?
How can I French braid my fringe?
How can I get glossy pin straight hair?
How can I get this wavy style without getting a perm?
How can I give my hair flipped out ends?
How can I help my bangs flow to the side?
How can I keep my high ponytail up all day long?
How can I keep the curl all day when curling my hair outward?
How can I make a bun with a foam insert or hair donut?
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