Hairfashion without Limits

Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

Hairfashion with a wow effect
The collection by Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks surprises with its unconventional looks and extraordinary stylings. The secret is in the play with fashion, disregarding stylistic restraints.
What makes a look so unmistakable, so unique and attention getting? It is the play of contrasts and the surprising combination of different elements of style. A break with tradition provokes attention. The new principle of fashion is one of evolution: what did not belong together so far is now connected and revels in its newness.

Blue Streaks

Short black haircut with blue streaks
Bright blue on black is quite a striking and electric effect. Fueled even more with a stroke of fuchsia, all that charge causes many sparks and should not come without warning label. Since Liza Minnelli sported the glamorous short black haircut, it has become and indispensable part of the fashion vault with all of the looks that are timelessly beautiful.
The black helmet cut hair is like a blank canvas, equipped with pure shine and a lot of deep texture that is just asking for creative styling ideas. See what can happen in the next photos.

Lifted Hair

Fun short haircut with lifted hair
Lifted up, the sleek surface turns into a wildfire of peaks and spikes but all with gentle curves worked into the hair to create a soft effect. The volume at least tripled and so did the movement. The latter emphasized by the extravagant color effect of electric blue, fuchsia and a dark turquoise tone that sits on the side of the fringe and highlights the sideways movement.
A fun short haircut, not only for going out. It looks great for all occasions, and the coolest thing is that the hair colors can be changed to express new ideas or to match individual outfits.

Iridescent Color Affair

Short black hair with blue, teal and purple color accents
A shimmering splash of color brings much light to this ruffled look. With the dark background, the ultramarine blue, teal and purple hair colors pop out with extreme brilliance and draw attention to her face.
From this side view the movement of the hair and the amount of texture on her crown can be seen in its full effect. The fringe is the longest part of this short haircut, and it can be styled nearer to the face or with much lift and curved to the side as seen here.

Smooth and Feathered

Short hairstyle with sleek sides and a curved fringe
A strong contrast in textures is a great way to turn any haircut into a dramatic expression. This short hairstyle features sleek sides that were treated with a styling product and combed downward and close to the head.
On the back the hair begins the feather upward, the same movement becoming stronger and curvier towards the front. The entire fringe is curved skyward and vibrates with the tones of blue, teal and purple that were added as a very decorative streak.

Pageboy Revival

Short bob with chin length sides and over the eyebrows bangs
The famous cut that rose to fame almost 100 years ago in the 1920s has never left the inner circle of fashion's hottest hairstyles. To call it a cult classic is no exaggeration. The pageboy cut is flattering to most face shapes, always elegant, a touch eccentric and if offers a multitude of variations. This basic short version nicely presents the lines and the fine coloration with its filigree highlights.
The bangs cover the eyebrows and connect to the shorter than chin lenght sides in a soft curve. The right cut allows the hair to automatically curve inward. Mahogany and champagne with a touch of walnut and cocoa dust are the palette for the beautiful, radiant color. Some call this hairstyle a French bob.

Ravishing Comb-over

Short brown hair with casual diagonal styling
The classic short haircut turns modern with combed over texture. The styling is now diagonal and takes the top hair from one side to the other in broad and thinner strands. All of the hair is lifted and blown over a round brush to add much volume to it throughout.
A swift movement turns the shiny surface into a stream of texture, on fire with the warm brown tones. This look is simply sassy with a stylish casual feel. Just the right do for this season's hottest parties.

Criss-cross Styling

Criss-cross styling for short brown hair
With this interesting styling you don't even recognize the pageboy cut any more. It is still there but the short hair was brushed and styled in so many different directions, that all evidence of it is camouflaged. The main direction is going from the back to the front, sideways in the bangs and downward in the neck areas.
You can play with different versions of this hairstyle according to the natural growth direction of your hair and possible whirls in its structure. This is a style to have fun with! Add some curls or scrunch the hair with mousse.

Pageboy Power

Bob haircut with the sides curved into the face
With a black shirt the stylish pageboy becomes a real power look. This fourth version of the very same haircut has a bit of lift on top. The front corners are slightly curved into the face and complete a flattering frame that sits low over the eyes and accentuated her cheekbones.
Subdued eccentricity and minimalism at its best. Less is so much more! The fringe is curved inward and stands out with the extra shine that was given to it.

Beautiful Fringe in Blonde

Sophisticated medium long blonde hairstyle for all ages
A soft and sophisticated hairstyle with a long Veronica Lake fringe. The hair is all about feminine glamour and a most flattering silhouette. This look fits all face shapes and all ages and just has this amazing classic feel to it, while being modern and extremely flexible.
Platinum elegance with soft curls and waves has been the secret weapon of seductive women for ages and will be for a long time to come. The part is set very high and short enough to allow a small bump at its end. This again adds volume to the sides without fluffing them up too much.

Attractive Layers

Medium length blond hair with curls that frames the face
Disheveled curls, tons of volume and a beautiful texture frame her face with a wild mane of medium long hair. It was cut in long layers to shape and to make it fall in a trapeze shape.
Once let loose this passionate look will seduce every one in its path. A sleek fringe is a great accent and contrast to the untamed fullness all around. Soft blonde with platinum almost blind with their intense shine.

Center Part

Mid-length blonde haircut with a center part
Now with a center part our favorite blonde haircut shows itself in extreme luxury, fueled by simplicity and even more finesse. The partition is short and leads to a small bump in the back which lifts up the back hair and adds more volume. A little teasing of the roots and smoothing the hair back over is all that needs to happen to get this very feminine look.
Of course a little retro flavor is always on the wish list. The color and style looked great on Brigitte Bardot and in a similar styling on Catherine Deneuve. The transition from sleek to curls in the lower third is smooth and just luscious.

Curls Galore with Heavy Bangs

Medium length blonde hair with a side part
Feel like a celebrity with the iconic blonde hair color that makes Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga and so many others shine. The hairstyle is medium long and mindblowingly gorgeous. Knees will weaken when she walks in a room with these full curls and waves in the layered hair.
A side part sits deep in front and has a steep angle to the back. It creates a full, heavy fringe that can do without curls, but it has a beautiful curve and a lovely swing in the pointed tip.

Fairytale Made off Hair

Beautiful long waved hair with a center part
Princess, Fairy or High Priestess, you can be whatever you want with this hair. It is long, waved and there is only one word to describe it: beautiful. It is simple with a center part and no dramatic tricks in the cut. Hair, lots of it with regular, small waves that gently curl in the tips stands on its own without any other tricks.
Well, the hair color is great too! Dark blonde with a warm shine. But that is not all. The darker hues very smoothly transition to lighter blonde in the tips. This adds even more fuel to the flame. Check out all the other hairstyles that can be built out of this one!

Tugged, Quiffed and Crimped

Updo with hair crimping and a swung up front
Go elegant and dare to be eccentric for a special occasion. Her glamour hair is at mid back length and for this unique up style it was folded and tugged in three sections. Before shaping it, the crimping iron gave it this exquisite texture of the very fine ripples instead of larger waves, that we saw before.
The front is swung up, back and under to a large quiff. Two more folded and pinned ribbons of hair turned into a large bow that graces her nape. It is not as complicated as it looks, but definitely a style to make a grand entrance with.

Middle of the Back Hair

Middle of the back hair with waving and crimping
A bit of sugar and a bit of rock and roll go down smoothly and are a treat when delivered with big, big hair and lots of texture. Long to the middle of her back and waved to perfection, this version of the gorgeousness also features individual strands that have an edgy crimped texture.
To top it all off a small braid made from her own hair is used as a hair band and sits right at the onset of her hair above her forehead. This hairstyle has so much going on and is playful to the max. It is romantic, but does not fully hide its wild side.

Waist Length Hair

Wavy waist length hair with a natural appeal
It does not get any more luxurious. Simple beauty that looks as natural as a mountain spring but because hair like this is so rare, it makes us twist our necks in amazement. It almost reaches her waist and the hair color transitions from a dark blonde in the top half to a silky lighter tone in the tips.
But that is not all. The most exciting part are the exhilarating waves that just flow and flow without being weighed down.

Star Trooper

Interesting short haircut for men
You don't have to leave the planet, but with just a small feature you can tune your haircut to the cosmic chic. A tiny triangle placed in perfect artistic composition on his forehead is the eye catcher, conversation starter and perhaps even ice breaker in this short men's haircut.
The cut is short through and through with a bit of texture to keep things interesting. The symmetry is only interrupted by said triangle and it gives him light years ahead of the crowd in the style galaxy. If he wants to change his look, all he has to do is to change the direction of the hair. See the following pictures to find out how.

Men's Haircut with Spikes

Short cropped hair with spikes for men
There is a method to the mussing. His short hair stands out, literally, with a few little spikes. All is cropped close to the head except for a triangular shape that begins in the back and culminated with the little geometric in front, which was previously slicked onto his forehead.
Now it spikes up and is the highest point of all of the ruffled tresses that turn the top of his head into a surreal landscape of texture. Neat and nice in the outline, this look has a lot of activity going on.

Male Fashion Hairstyle

Male fashion hairstyle with a simple outline
He is ready to leave mediocrity behind and zoom in the speed of light to his dreamy realms where cool fashions reign. The hairstyle is his ticket. Simple in its outline, but cut with much precision, the hair forms a short helmet with much texture throughout.
The cutting line is neat and has a special effect. As small as it is, the little triangle on his forehead makes all of the difference. And the best part is, that he can wear it up or down or even hide it away totally.

Ruffled Modern Look with a Flip

Ruffled men's hair with very short sides
His neat cut leans to traditional shapes with its supershort hair along the sides and in the back. It gradually lengthens, ever so slightly, to the top and from the back towards the front.
The longest section is in the very front and was previously styled down to form a catchy triangle shape. Here a few drops of gel came into play and the hair is lifted up in one swift wave.

Quiff around the Clock

Male haircut with short clipped sides and a quiff
As nifty as the fifties, the quiff returns. Models and celebrities have picked up the look already. What are you waiting for? Get to the drive-in in style with a mile high quiff, styled par excellence with shine and vigor.
The hair on the sides is clipper cut extremely short, and the top lengthens from back towards the front to give the creating the ultimate impact. Give it a little curve, hold and shine with good products and you are ready to roll.

Modern Quiff

Side view of a male haircut with buzzed short sides and a quiff
As cool as it is from the front, it is really hot when seen from the side. The fifties quiff shows all of its finesse in this image with the gradual lengthening from back to front and the extreme short hair all around. A great detail are the precise outlines of the sideburns and around the ear towards the nape.
Laser-sharp for a smart look, then again wild and wavy on top. The result is a handsome contrast in texture and of course much hair to play with. See what he can do if he wants to change his look in the upcoming photos.


Men's cut with long top hair and wax styling
Not every day is made for retro looks, and a bit of variety in hair makes even men happy. To change his look, the long top hair was straightened and styled to the side with determination. Gel, wax or pomade can be used to create texture by accentuating individual strands and to lift up some ends that are shaped into pointed spikes.
Stylish and eccentric with a hint of punk and rebellion, but also polished and ready to take home to meet the parents. This look combines the best of all worlds.

Spiked Bangs

Messy hair look with spiked bangs for men
It makes a great look for the prowl at night, but the low styled spikes also give him tons of charisma in the daytime. A bit less shine in the product and he can head out into the urban jungle looking adventurous and fashionable.
The hair runs across his crown in a diagonal direction and is gently messy with emphasis on shaping individual strands in the long bangs as well as in the back.

Curls Undercut

Curly hairstyle with an undercut for men
Who does not love a romantic curly hairstyle on a handsome man? But all of the cupid locks might be a bit too sweet for some. In come innovative ideas and the cool trend of undercuts. You cannot see it here, but the sides under the cascading curls are extremely short and only the top hair has this playful length.
Contrasts create tension and character. Hot and cold, rough and soft. It is all in there. In this open styled version the long fringe catches most of the attention with its texture and the gentle slope of the diagonal line.

Undercut in the Open

Male haircut with an undercut for wavy hair
No need to hide one of the most interesting parts of this haircut. With a radical windswept styling his soft look of romance turns into a wild and very avant-garde look. Asymmetry is still a hot topic and with the right base cut and a base of natural wave in the hair it is easy as pie to do it.
Styled to the right in a steep angle the hair appears ruffled and sexy messy with a touch of rugged and adventurous. The extreme short length of the undercut is fully revealed.


Short cut for men with a lot of hair
The undercut not only provides great styling options, but it also keeps the load of his hair lighter and the volume under control. These cuts are ideal for men with a lot of hair who need or want to tone it down a bit and get more control over the frizzy mass.
For this mod and boyish styling, which reminds of the mushroom cuts that are just experiencing a great revival, the hair was flattened and styled around the head with some texture, but holding back on the curls. This is a great look to show off some hair color effects, as subtle as they may be.

Romantic Male Hairstyle

Romantic men's cut with curly top hair
Postmodern and stunning, this look represents the many facets of his character. Romantic and rebellious, retro and sci-fi. A cut that is at the same time soft and strong. It has a definite edge, but also much lightness and playfulness.
All of those contrasts in the expression together with the contrast in the texture of the hair makes this look with its undercut sides and the long, curly top hair, impossible to resist. It is styled to one side with a good lift in the roots and well developed and deconstructed curls.
Photographer: Michael Petersohn, Berlin
Copyright: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
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