Straightening and Relaxing Hair Q&A

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After straightening my hair, should I use the shampoo the salon wants me to buy?
Are there any other straightening kits that do the same as Ogilvie and Easy Straight?
Are there any techniques for straightening the back of your head?
Are "wet to dry" appliances appropriate for mixed hair?
Can a curling iron or flat iron damage my hair?
Can flat irons really burn your skin?
Can healthy, color-treated hair survive being straightened?
Can I chemically straighten my hair after using a guanidine carbonate relaxer?
Can I perm my hair that has been straightened with L'Oréal X-Tenso and restore the curl?
Can I perm my straightened hair back to wavy or curly?
Can I reapply Glatt chemical straightener on my whole head?
Can I somehow undo the L'Oréal Extenso straightening that was done at the salon?
Can I straighten my permed hair with a home straightening kit?
Can I straighten not perfectly straightened hair with a home straightener?
Can I straighten only my fringe area with bio ionic straightening?
Can I undo hair straightening without perming?
Can I use a straightening and curling iron after a bio ionic straightening treatment?
Can I use a home straightening kit on the new growth of my straightened hair?
Can I use a straightening home kit on color treated hair?
Can I use the Ogilvie Hair Straightener on hair relaxed with Revlon Creme relaxer?
Can I use the Ogilvie straightening home kit on salon-straightened hair?
Can straightening the hair too much destroy the natural curl in the hair?
Can you suggest a relaxer for African-American hair?
Can you tell me what the different straightening methods are?
Could my hair type just mean that my hair is unable to straighten nicely?
Could the use of the straightening iron affect the color intensity of my hair?
Does a straightening kit have the same solutions as a perm kit?
Does flat ironing cause split ends?
Does it matter if I'm pregnant when using the Ogilvie kit?
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