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Hairline Braid with a Twisted Bun
Step by step instructions for a hairline braid with a twisted bun. All hair is styled away from the face and ears, leaving the face open and fresh, creating a youthful appearance.
How to Create a Formal Up-style with a Short Bob
Tutorial for a beautifully modern and sophisticated formal hairstyle with curls on a short bob.
How to Create a Faux Side-undercut for an Angled Bob
Beautiful up-style for an inverted bob that gives the impression of a side-undercut. How to tutorial with photos.
How to do a Faux Pixie
How to style hair up to imitate the main features of a classic pixie cut.
How to do a Half Mohawk with Braids
Step by step instructions for a half mohawk with braids. A look with a side-swept fringe and curls cascading down the face.
How to do a Modified Vintage French Roll
Tutorial for a modified vintage French roll. An easy to create up-style that suits most face shapes.
How to do a Three Roll Vintage Up-Style
A vintage up-style with a large hair accessory that covers almost the entire plain of the side of the French roll.
How to Make a High Bubble with a Simple Braid
How to style your hair in a high bubble with a braid. A simple updo for a party or prom.
How to Make a High Volume Ponytail
How to create a high volume ponytail. A versatile hairstyle for the beach or a party.
How to Make a Messy Bun
Step by step instructions for a messy bun. A bun that sits on top of the head.
How to Make an Up-Style with Bangs
Step by step instructions for an up-style with bangs. A hairstyle with pronounced curls and a shiny surface.
How to Make an Up-Style with a Sexy Double Twist
Step by step instructions for an up-style with a double twist. A relatively laid back hairstyle that works best with a long finge or no fringe at all.
How to Make an Up-Style with Vintage Pin-up rolls
Step by step instructions for an up-style with cascading curls and a flowered hair accessory.
How to Make a Soft Curls Upstyle
A versatile and easy to wear hairstyle that works well with most hair types and face shapes.
How to Make a Sophisticated Chignon
Step by step instructions for a sophisticated chignon. How to roll and style hair to create a chignon with a glossy elegant effect.
How To Backcomb or Tease Hair
Backcombing or teasing the hair is a technique where you can build-up the lower layers of the hair and can create a fuller, more-voluminous looking style.
How to Style Hair in a Sock Bun with Colored Hair Extensions
How to create a sock bun with colored hair extensions. A versatile hairstyle for a party.
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