Hair Growth Q&A

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Am I too old to grow very long hair?
Are prenatal vitamins good for infants' hair?
At what age does a man usually get notable facial hair?
Can cutting hair determine how thick it grows back?
Can hair grow back naturally on a bald head and can I encourage it?
Can you provide me with advice for rejuvenating my temple areas?
Does a man's hair grow faster than women's hair?
Does different people's hair grow at different speeds?
Does hair grow faster in hot weather?
Does hair grow more in one season than another?
Does hair growth slow down when your hair gets longer?
Does hair thicken on its own?
Does long hair make hay fever worse?
Does short hair grow faster than long hair?
Does the sun make your hair grow faster?
Does washing your hair every day affect the growth rate?
Do hair and/or nails grow faster at higher elevations? Or am I just imagining things?
Do split ends stop your hair from growing?
Do you think that chemicals caused my hair to break off? What about slow growth?
How are goosebumps formed?
How can I accelerate my hair growth?
How can I determine the growth pattern of the hair on the crown of my head?
How can I force hair growth?
How can I get back to one length hair after an A-line bob with layers?
How can I grow long hair fast?
How can I grow out my hair and limit all the hassle?
How can I improve my hair growth?
How can I maximize my hair growth?
How can I remove the baby curls in front of my hairline?
How can I tell if the short hair I see is new growing hair or broken hair?
How do I get my bangs to catch up with the rest of my hair?
How do you categorize hair types?
How fast does hair grow?
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