Unwanted Hair Growth Q&A

Shaving unwanted hair
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Can I use a men's electric razor to shave the hair on my arms and legs?
How can I avoid ingrown hairs when I use my epilator?
How can I bleach my arm hair and leg hair? What product should I use?
How can I keep my legs smooth after shaving?
How can I lighten the color of body hair?
How can I remove my mustache without shaving?
How can I remove my upper lip hair?
How does an epilator work? Any tips for when I buy an epilator?
How do I go about removing hairline hairs, is there a specialist who does this?
How much does laser hair removal cost and how many months does it take for a complete result in a man?
I find more and more thick coarse jet black hairs amongst my brown hair. Why?
If I remove some white hairs using tweezers, would these white hairs re-grow again?
If you accidentally waxed your eyelashes off, would they grow back?
I have new bangs that are growing all around the front of my hair.
I'm a 17-year-old girl and I just discovered small hairs under my nose.
Is hair growth something that may be influenced by your genes?
Is it ok for a girl to shave her arm hair off?
Is it ok to remove nasal hair and what is the best way to remove nose hair?
Is sugar waxing an efficient hair removal method?
Is there a way to remove a widow's peak?
I used hair removal spray and made a mess of my chest hair.
I've heard of hair removal spray, and I wonder if this is 100% safe.
Should a man shave his armpits?
What can I do with a hairline, for example when I tie my hair back?
When I shave under my chin, I get a rash. How can I avoid this?
Why is it that when men get older they grow hair in their nose and ears?
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