Fashion Hairstyles for Long Hair (13)

Long hair gives you the greatest space to experiment and even simple long hairstyles can look marvelous. Long hairstyles suit just about every woman, but they do require a certain level of maintenance. Scroll through the pictures of long hairstyles and find inspiration for your next salon visit!
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  • A natural look for long waist-length hair
  • Smooth layered hair with curls around the shoulders
  • Long hair with layers and loose styling
  • Long and sleek tapered hair that frames the face
  • Long and straight red hair with rounded bangs
  • Red hair with curls that reach the shoulders
  • Red below the shoulders hair with curls and volume
  • Smoothed brown hair with long layers
  • Long hairstyle for naturally very straight hair
  • Long hair with natural free-flowing styling
  • Long hairstyle with piles of curls
  • Easy long hairstyle with a high side panel
  • Long hair with curls, waves and a jagged side part
  • High hairstyle with piles of curls
  • Long hair with curls and waves left to dry by itself
  • Long brunette hair with curls and pouf
  • Nostalgic style for long hair
  • Blonde hair with spiral curls and a poufy top
  • Strawberry red hair with long layers and curls
  • 1940s era hairstyle for long hair with curls
  • Long hair with a braided top and waves upon the back
  • Sixties style with backcombing for long sleek hair
  • Long brown hair with permanent waves and curls
  • Long hair with waves and smooth bangs
  • Sun bleached blonde hair with casual layers
  • Hair coloring with three different hues
  • Hair coloring with a play of light and shadows
  • Hair coloring with three different shades and brilliant shine
  • Soft and flowing blonde hair with layers
  • more long hairstyles

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