Women's Hairstyles by Steven St. Clayr

Cutting-edge hair
Steven St. Clayr, known and loved for his cutting-edge women's hair designs, has a collection here of unique, structured, and urban hairstyles. Combining elements of color, texture, and styling techniques, St. Clayr creates artistic looks that awe and inspire.

Razor Cut Layered Style

Short razor cut layered hairstyle for women
The cut: This short razor cut layered hairstyle features box layering in the top and crown region and longer textured lengths to balance the style and create an avant-garde look.
The color: Using a dual hair color application, with warm shimmering brown beneath a pale blonde, the stylist creates a dramatic effect that emphasizes the textured layers of the upper lengths of hair.
The style: After cutting and blowing straight with product to add volume and structure the hair is given more defined structure by using flat ironing to create almost "petals" around the top of the head and sweeping leaves around the face.

Curved Fringe Hairstyle

Long sweeping hairstyle with a curved fringe
The cut: This long layered style is razor cut for texture and softness, with a gently curved fringe and smooth silhouette.
The color: The hair coloring here is a rich dark brown with natural highlighting and variance in the color.
The style: Using a light product, the hair is blown to a smooth, soft finish, then product is added to give substance to the lower portions and they appear to be pressed smooth into an architectural fan sweeping outward at the shoulders.

Long Shag Hairstyle

Long razor-cut shag hairstyle with different shades
The cut: Here we have what appears to be a long razor-cut shag hairstyle with an off-center parting and very long fringe.
The color: Hair coloring is used in this style, in different shades and tones, to create lots of visual interest and add emphasis to the texture.
The style: This classic haircut with a modern texture is styled by blow drying using product to add substance to the hair and given definition by working additional product, such as pomade, into the dried hair and finger-styling for a softly finished tousled look.

Pixie Haircut

Elongated pixie haircut with streaks
The cut: In this style, which looks to be a modified pixie cut, elongated to extremes without building bulk, razor texturing is used to create softness in an otherwise severe, straight style.
The color: Here we see the hair color as a styling feature. The model's light blonde locks are jazzed up with a broad streak of shimmering auburn down the center to create a pseudo-Mohawk look. It jazzes up an otherwise mild look with a touch of spice.
The style: By blow-drying the hair with product, the stylist creates soft straight locks, with extra volume in the top and crown areas of the head. Additional product applied to the fingers and worked through the hair for definition and final styling gives the soft look added texture and interest. With or without the zest of color, the hairstyle is imminently wearable and would serve virtually any walk of life.

Shag for Wavy Hair

Shag hairstyle for naturally wavy hair
The cut: Our model here sports a razor-cut shag hairstyle with extreme texturing on the lower portions of the hair and a horizontal fringe line softened by razor texture.
The color: The hair color shift here is soft and subtle, as the medium blonde of the top and crown area gradually pales into a bright golden blonde at the ends.
The style: The style looks best when built on naturally wavy hair. The layered cut is blown-dry with the intent to preserve the soft movement of the natural wave. A touch of product to define and add detail to the tendrils of the ends of the hair creates a clean finished look, without betraying the softness of the over-all style.

Choppy Hairstyle

Carefree and choppy short hairstyle
The cut: This short razor-cut style is slightly asymmetrical and ultra-choppy, creating textured layering all over the head and wispy fringe.
The color: The natural look seems to be the key to this color. A pale blonde with subtle lowlights gives depth to the hair color and emphasizes the texturing.
The style: The overall look for this cut and styling is windblown and carefree. Blow-drying with product for substance and structure is combined with finger-combing and added product for definition to create a look of calculated randomness and carefully crafted wildness.
Hair: Steven St. Clayr
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