Photos of Hairdos for Long Hair (2)

Long hair is not boring at all and it can be a huge advantage for women who want to try different styles on their hair. It can be styled into a wide variety of hairdos that suit formal as well as more casual occasions. Scroll down for photos of stunning long hairdos!
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  • Curvy platinum blonde hair with pink streaks
  • Long red hair with waves and a middle part
  • Long 1940s hairstyle with the ends curled upwards
  • Sleek long hair with very attractive bangs
  • Long blonde hairstyle with hair extensions
  • Long hairdo with natural looking curls
  • Brown around the shoulders hair with a side part
  • Long brunette hair with curled under sides
  • Bed head look for long hair with curls
  • Long hairstyle with layers and spiral curls
  • Long hair with below the shoulders curls
  • Long feathered back hair style with tapering
  • Sporty look with long blonde hair
  • Long blonde hairstyle with light curls
  • Professional long hairstyle with large defined curls
  • Long brunette hair with swirling curls
  • Long hair with asymmetry and deep bangs
  • Long hair with different layers of hair color
  • Sleek and glossy long hair with varying lengths
  • Ultra sleek long hairstyle with short bangs
  • Mid-back length hair with long layers
  • Glowing red hair with large spiral curls
  • Long hair with tapered lines and side bangs
  • Easy to achieve long hairstyle with volume
  • Long blonde shag with full bangs
  • Below the shoulders hairstyle with connected layers
  • Easy to maintain long hair with layers
  • Long blonde hair with a fishtail braid
  • Straight long hair with blunt bangs and wispy layers
  • more long hairstyles

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