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Unwanted Hair

Removal of unwanted hair

Abnormal Hair Growth in Women
While we all know that hair loss is one of the most devastating events a woman can experience, an equally troubling problem is unwanted hair growth.
Electrolysis Hair Removal
Unlike other forms of hair removal, which have only been around in the last couple of decades, electrolysis has a long and dynamic history, dating back to the 19th century.
Flashlamp Hair Removal
Flashlamps provide an effective way of permanently removing unwanted body hair.
Hair Removal Creams
Depilatory creams are a painless alternative of removing unwanted hair.
How To Choose a Home Hair Removal System
Choosing the right home hair removal system is a very important choice if you want to get rid of unwanted body hair.
How To Remove Ear Hair
Help for men afflicted with excessive ear hair is available in a variety of advice and products.
How To Remove Nose Hair
There are several methods and many products available to eliminate pesky nose hair from obtruding into view.
Laser Hair Removal
All you need to know about going under the laser to remove hair.
Laser Hair Removal for Home Use
The TRIA Laser Hair Removal System is a safe and FDA-cleared laser hair removal device for home use.
Medication for Hair Removal
There has been a lot of dedication and research carried out to understand how prescription drugs can influence the hair on our bodies.
Permanent Hair Removal Techniques
An account of the most popular permanent hair removal methods available.
Removing Unwanted Hair
There are dozens of methods for removing hair from places where it is unwanted, and these methods break down into two main categories - temporary and permanent.
Why shaving is still an effective and popular hair removal method.
One of the less familiar ways to remove unwanted and excess hair from the body is by a technique called ‘threading’.
Unwanted Hair Growth Q&A
Questions and answers on unwanted hair growth.
Unwanted Hair Growth Books
Books about unwanted hair growth and hair removal.
Waxing: Razor-free Hair Removal
Waxing is excellent for removing hair from large areas of the body, and done properly, can be used for precision hair removal as well.
Wax Treatments
If you are willing to brave the pain, the unique benefits waxing unwanted hair from the skin are enough to make many women, and some men, to become regular waxing warriors.


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