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Damien Lustre Collection

Let the New Year begin with a new, extraordinary hairstyle! Damien Rinaldo from Australia's Salon of the Year has just the right recipe to intoxicate us and take us on a fashion adventure.
  • choppy short hairstyle
  • crinkled hair bun
  • tear drop shape fringe
  • sexy look with curls
  • sexy short haircut
  • updo with fur
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The six extravagant looks of his Lustre collection don't hold back - they are fierce, powerful, artistic and filled with brilliant luminosity. These beautiful styles range from short to long, sleek to curly and combine a bold approach to form and skilled use of color.
These are the looks of glamour for a new decade in a new millennium, asking us to free our hair and to look at it in all of its potential with creativity and enthusiasm.
Hairstyles: Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia
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