Hair Machine - Australia

Damien Lustre Collection

Beautiful hairstyles for long and short hair
Let the New Year begin with a new, extraordinary hairstyle! Damien Rinaldo from Australia's Salon of the Year has just the right recipe to intoxicate us and take us on a fashion adventure.
The six extravagant looks of his Lustre collection don't hold back - they are fierce, powerful, artistic and filled with brilliant luminosity. These beautiful styles range from short to long, sleek to curly and combine a bold approach to form and skilled use of color.
These are the looks of glamour for a new decade in a new millennium, asking us to free our hair and to look at it in all of its potential with creativity and enthusiasm.

Short with Soft Spikes

Choppy short hairstyle with soft spikes
Choppy yet very soft spikes catch attention. They stand out even more with extremely short sides that smoothly follow the line of the head and meet low in the nape.
The top hair has different lengths, increasing towards the crown and it is still short enough to let the hair be styled in a spiked, tousled, anti-gravity look in the color of charcoal silk. Never has a rebellion looked so beautiful with a pixie.

Crinkled Bun

Long blonde hair with a crinkled hair bun
Textures and shapes as different as they can be are combined to an opulent indulgence in strawberry blonde. The long and luxurious mane was crowned with a bun created with strands of crinkled hair that were formed to a large flowery shape right above the forehead.
Extravagant and seductive, innovative and avantgarde are the elements this fabulous look is made of, while it is actually quite wearable.

Reddish Blonde

Short hair with a tear drop shape fringe
The reversed tear drop shape of the long fringe glows in a brilliant reddish blonde shade that wipes away all thoughts of winter cold in an instant. The short hair was pulled forward from the crown and styled to utmost sleekness with a slight curve that increases the appeal of weightlessness.
The sides and back remain humble and straight down, showing off the clear cutting line that enhances her features.

Gravity Defying Curls

Brown hair in a festive style with curls
The sky is the limit. These curls seem to go on forever and ever like refreshing effervescent bubbles. The hair was layered and styled to have most of the weight of the gravity defying curls on top. It takes some product and a skillful cut to create this amazing silhouette.
A sexy and enchanting look for festive nights that goes so well with a fabulous dress and a glass of champagne.

Sexy Short Hair

Short blonde haircut with a smooth shape
Color like the glow of a full moon in a clear sky and a flowing, smooth shape are the recipe for this sexy short haircut. With the long fringe the shorter sections on top stand out even more with their gentle spikes that bring so much dimension to the lustrous and smoking hot look.
The silvery blonde blonde is interspersed with darker strands and a darker root section to achieve an intense 3D effect.

Fantasy Fur

Hair updo with fur
Fur has a magic quality, even when it is man-made. Damien Rinaldo takes the idea of a pillbox hat consequently into the new decade and combines three sizes with abstract patterns like an avantgarde crown. The hair was pulled back in a very tight and strict way before it was pinned underneath the furry creation.
Hairstyles: Hair Machine, Adelaide, Australia