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"Collection 14" by Nikita Hair

  • wet-look for long hair
  • long hair with color transitions
  • long hair with undercut
  • black and blue hair combination
  • long beachy hair
  • updo with a high back
  • modern bob
  • short hair with soft lines
  • blonde with silver hair combination
  • masculine cut with volume
  • male cut with cropped sides
  • sporty cut for men
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Sixties meet nineties, vintage meets punk, wet-look meets everything in Nikita Hair's fabulous collection of hairstyles. The Swedish hair designers mix and match styles and eras with much inspiration and a special eye for balance and glamour.
Glorious waves are combined with sleek elements, short hair comes with texture and color effects are strewn through all lengths of styles. Bold, happy and luxurious hairstyles with very feminine lines, this collection is one of the most flattering and exciting out there. It covers all of the main trends of sporty, easy to wear to flamboyant looks for women and men.
Hairstyles: Nikita Hair