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Royston Blythe

Obsession Hairstyles Collection

The photos that follow show the collection of styles which earned Royston Blythe and Nick Malenko their place in the finals of the Midlands Hairdresser of the Year as part of the British Hairdressing Awards.
  • blonde hair with defined curls
  • short hair with curls and tendrils
  • long loose curls hair
  • hair with ruffed curls
  • long blunt cut hair with bangs and volume
  • short asymmetrical hair with scrunching
  • long hair with a high quiff
  • hair with large curls
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The stylists aimed their talents at creating looks that were chic, stylish and indulgent - and they succeeded spectacularly. From short, curly and defined urban chic styles, to soft, romantic styles with refined glamour, and long waves of curl in the luscious locks grouping.
Royston Blythe Artistic Team
Hair: Royston Blythe & Nick Malenko
Make-up: Gary Cockerill
Styling: Bernard Connelly
Photography: Roberto Aguilar