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Short Hair Tips & Ideas

Women with short hair

11 Reasons to Get a Short Haircut
You catch yourself looking more and more often at photos of sassy short haircuts and you are already holding your hair up in front of the mirror to picture yourself with short hair? Then you are really ready to cut your hair short!
Choosing Short Hair
A look at some of the basics of short haircuts, as well as the variations that can make a major difference in how the style ultimately looks.
Choosing the Right Pixie Cut
A look at the different variations of the pixie cut and see what benefits they offer in various face shapes and needs.
Going Short
Many celebrities made the switch from longtime long hair to super short and super cute pixie cuts. Here's what to expect when you cut your own hair short.
How To Create a Faux Bob
Many women with long hair often think of going for a shorter bob cut, but realize that it is a big commitment to cut one’s hair. Here’s a little trick to let you create the look of a short bob style without losing any length.
Transitioning To (Or From) A Pixie Cut
Going to a pixie can be a shock for a woman and a staged approach to such drastic changes is advised.
Going Short? Think Before You Cut!
Before you let the scissors slice through your hair, think about it and make sure it is really what you want to do.
How to Make Short Hair Feminine
Short hair styles do not have to look masculine. With a few tricks and accessories they are feminine, sexy and even glamorous.
Long Hair vs Short Hair
The difficult choice between long locks and a short haircut.
Look Younger with Short Hair
Does short hair really make you look younger? There seems to be a certain magic in short haircuts that captivates women of all ages and of course the men who admire them.
Meet the Clippers
Clipper cuts for women are no longer an exception. More and more women are incorporating an undercut or a shaved section in their hair.
Ode to Short Hair
If you knew for a fact, that just by cutting your hair shorter, you would look about ten years younger, would you consider the makeover?
Off the Collar
Keep your hair of the collar and enjoy a cute short hairstyle.
Pixie Perfect
Pixie cuts have been worn by the most daring and revolutionary women throughout the ages. Those who demand to stand out from a crowd, who follow their own heads and give free reigns to their imaginations.
Raspy Short Hair for 40+ Women
Short haircuts for ladies aged over 40. The results of the makeover photo production celebrating the 40th anniversary of Essanelle.
Seduce with Short Hair
Use the many possibilities of short hair and get yourself a sexy look.
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