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Hair care
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A hairdresser burned my head and now it looks like I have dandruff. Can you help?
Anti-dandruff shampoos always weighed my hair down. Anything else I can use?
Are people with long hair more prone to having oily hair?
Are these very tiny white things at the ends of my hair dead ends?
At what temperature does hair begin to melt?
Can bald people get dandruff?
Can hair really have too much moisture?
Can I get rid of split ends without cutting my hair?
Can stress cause dandruff?
Can I use any towel to dry my hair without damaging it?
Can you give me some styling advice to make my hair lie down?
Can you give me the cure for dry hair?
Can you take a bath after having a cellophane treatment to your hair?
Can you use a hair conditioner as a gel after drying?
Could a detangling conditioner be a solution for my unmanageable hair?
Could lisinopril or going through menopause have anything to do with my dull and lifeless hair?
Does the tanning bed hurt your hair in any way?
Do hair steamers really work?
Do you know of any home remedies against lice?
Do you really have to cut away all split ends and splits in the hair shaft?
Have I been overdoing my hair with conditioner?
How bad is salty seawater for your hair? What does it do?
How can I analyze my hair?
How can I control frizzy hair?
How can I control my racially mixed hair?
How can I create the second-day effect on freshly washed hair?
How can I cure frizzy hair after a sauna?
How can I detangle a massive ball of matted hair?
How can I fix split ends towards the middle of my hair?
How can I get consistency in my racially mixed hair?
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