"Summer Lights" by Camille Albane

Summer hairstyles
In the late hours of the afternoon, when the sun has passed its highest point and shines in a golden light, that is the time when hair and skin radiate in a most beautiful glow.
In her "Summer Lights" collection Camille Albane uses hair colors, which are inspired by the warm tones of the golden hour. Bold highlights emphasize the spirit of summer and preserve the kisses of the sun on the hair.
The cuts and stylings are all about freedom, summer escapes and leisurely, creative times far from the hustle and bustle of daily life. No restrictions, intense radiance and much personality are manifested in wavy and sleek styles with accessories and without. What is your summer fantasy?

Soft Layers

Below the shoulders hair with soft layers
Soft blonde layers are just as famous as the beaches in Southern California. These long locks are solar powered and come with beautiful sandy blonde highlights. The long layered cut is parted in the center for a style of simple pleasures, but maximum effect.
The hair falls way past her shoulders in a display of luxury and casual elegance. During styling emphasize some of the curls with a hot iron, but keep a windswept and gently disheveled appearance.

Asymmetric Long Layers

Easy going long hair with layers
A side part adds some extra impact to the long layers. The fringe swings in a most elegant curve weightlessly all across her forehead. Stacked strands frame her face with extreme movement and flattering softness.
The hair looks like a perfect day sailing on the bay with a gentle breeze, the reflection of sunlight and an easy going, joyful attitude. Wear it with a denim jacket or glam sequins, it is a style that fits all occasions any time.

Loose Knot

Hair with a casual loose knot
The generous volume of the hair and the loose, casual knot are a beautiful symbol for the ease of a great summer day. Linen dresses, sea shell earrings, watermelon on the beach and a colorful cocktail after. Make your vacation last with a sun drenched hairstyle, done up so leisurely and exuding the effortless beauty of true harmony.
Use a styling comb to tease the hair from underneath in the back to get this kind of lift. The knot can be created by first binding a low ponytail and then using thick strands in a braiding technique and pin the hair underneath.

Copper Bob with Layers

Medium long bob with layers
Go for a stroll by the sea and enjoy the elements. Sun and wind are already infused into this medium long bob, which is brimming with joie de vivre. Her side part keeps a stylish asymmetry in the hair and the dark copper color with its blonde highlights and light tips is full of energy.
A smooth front brings more attention to the semi defined curls which are deliberately separated and deconstructed.

Hairband and Updo

Updo with a hairband for medium length hair
A vintage look with a high teased back does not require a great length of hair. A short or medium long bob works just fine. It is all about the styling and the right tools. Draw a ling behind the fringe at about half of the crown. All of the hair in the back is then teased, thin layer by layer.
The volume needs to be built up close to the roots. The surface is smoothed out again and hairspray, much of it, is used to hold this pretty style together. The finishing touch is a thin hairband and a sexy little twisted wave in the tip of the long fringe.

Bob for Fashionistas

Below the chin bob for fashionistas
The A-line bob is still among the most popular hairstyles and that is no surprise. It is a hairstyle that satisfies minimalists, fans of wash and wear as well as serious fashionistas. One of the true, undying classics it is also a great style for a hot summer season.
The hair is cut from the nape to a length just below the chin. The color is filled with sun shine, some real some comes out of a tube, but no one has to know the details. Beige blonde with extra highlights and tasseled loop earrings as an accessory makes us wish that summer could last forever.

Androgynous on the Beach

All-round style for short hair
This is a wonderful all-round style, that can be done in many ways. You'll need a styling product, a brush and a comb with wide teeth. The back styling is emphasized by bright highlights that are applied in even distances to each other and run from the frontal hairline to the back. Make sure to keep a little fluffy volume on top and the sides narrow.

Short Bob with Waves

Short blonde bob with finger waves
Irresistible since decades, the classic Hollywood beauty bob. Chin long and full with beautiful, regular finger waves it reminds us of Jean Harlow and her contemporaries and also of the 1920s flapper girls.
Never dull and always seductive, this pretty, short haircut is like an accessory all by itself and no further embellishment is needed with this much style on your head.
Hairstyles: Camille Albane
Photography: Nicolas Valois