Photos of Hairstyles for Long Hair (3)

Are you growing your hair long or do you already have long hair? The versatility of long hair is almost endless. You can wear it loose, in a ponytail, braided, or you can style it up. It’s pretty easy to adapt your style to the occasion. Check out these photos of hairstyles for long hair and get inspired!
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  • Long brown hair with layers and highlights
  • Smooth long hair with gloss
  • Brunette below the shoulders hair
  • Long hairstyle with layers and slithered ends
  • Easygoing long hair style with a middle part
  • Vintage look with hair braided into a hairband
  • Sleek long hairstyle with shine through bangs
  • Wild hairstyle with a French braid
  • Long hair cut in a tapered line
  • Long shoulder hugging hairstyle with rolled ends
  • Flowing red hair with large curves at the ends
  • Long hairstyle with irregular cutting lines along the face
  • Long blonde hair with a sweeping fringe
  • Long hairstyle with bangs that curl under the chin
  • Very long red hair with irregular waves
  • Long hair that was cut to frame the face
  • Long blunt cut hair with large waves
  • Mid-back length hair with textured layers
  • Long 1980s inspired hair with an outward curl
  • Long hair with connected layers and a modern feel
  • Long razor cut hair with thinned out layers
  • Sleek long hair with thick one-length bangs
  • Sophisticated long hairstyle with waves and a center part
  • Very long hair with short bangs and waves
  • Fashionable long hairstyle with large curls
  • Long hair with curling from mid-length to the tips
  • Long hairstyle with curls and a laid-back flair
  • Very long hairstyle with layers for natural brunette hair
  • Every day hairstyle for very long hair with curls
  • more long hairstyles

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