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Pure Dutch Hairstyles Collection

Antoinette Beenders

Pure Dutch evokes natural beauty, purity and innocence with images inspired by the collections of the world famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam - "Venice of the North". Antoinette Beenders, Global Creative Director of Aveda, has blended her love of contemporary catwalk trends with the historical inspiration of artists from her homeland, to create some breathtakingly ethereal images.
  • Short Joan of Arc look hairstyle
  • short hairstyle for a brunette
  • hair with a short rounded fringe
  • long hair with disheveled waves
  • very long crimped hair
  • updo with fishtail braids
  • 1920s inspired graduated bob hairstyle
  • hair with dreadlock texture
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"When I looked back to paintings of 17th Century Holland I found these incredible shapes, typically worn by men, which hooked perfectly into the androgynous themes found in modern day fashion. Bridging these two influences produced the kind of simplistic beauty found in these images," says Antoinette.
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