Impassioned by Richard Ward

Hairstyles with 50s and 70s influences
Impassioned is an intriguing hairstyles collection from Richard Ward, blending elements of 50s glamour with 70s glam and hippie vibes. The hairstyles exude a polished yet accessible look, with an editorial feel reminiscent of advertorials.

Gamine Afro Crop

Gamine crop for ethnic hair
The Cut: This gamine crop is tailored for ethnic hair that has undergone relaxation treatment. The cut features fullness in the top and crown areas, with texture added for visual interest.
The Color: The model's hair has been lightened to a warm chocolaty-cinnamon hue, harmonizing beautifully with her rich skin tone.
The Style: Towel-dried hair is prepped with styling cream for thermal styling, then blow-dried and ironed for smoothness, creating the desired spiky look.

Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Blonde bob with side-swept bangs
The Cut: Offering a contemporary twist on the timeless bob, this cut showcases side-swept bangs with deep texturing and razored ends for added softness.
The Color: The model's hair boasts a pale yellow-blonde hue, shimmering elegantly in the light. Subtle highlighting adds natural depth to the high-lift color, enhancing its allure.
The Style: After towel-drying, the hair is treated with styling gel and a protective product for thermal styling. Using a round brush, it's blow-dried to create inward smoothness at the fringe and outward flips at the ends on the sides and back. A light application of smoothing serum gives the hair a glossy, sleek finish.

Short Cropped & Layered Hair

Steeply pointed cropped hair
The Cut: This classic page-boy hairstyle features long hair with deep-layering and soft texturing on the ends.
The Color: The model's hair boasts a golden blonde hue, accented with soft highlights to enhance depth and light reflection.
The Style: After towel-drying, the hair is treated with styling gel and blown out straight with the fingers to maximize volume. Backcombing is used to create pointed sections for extra lift, while styling pomade defines the points of the hair.

Long Page-Boy Hairstyle

Long page-boy hairstyle with waves
The Cut: This is a long, classic page-boy hairstyle with deep-layering and soft texturing on the ends.
The Color: The long, luxurious waves showcase a rich medium-level golden blonde hue, complemented by soft highlights that accentuate the curves and waves of the style.
The Style: Achieving this look likely involved using large rollers to create medium amounts of lift and sweeping waves in the hair. Once dry, the curls are brushed smooth with a natural bristle brush and smoothed with anti-frizz serum

Brown Afro Curls

Afro curls created with naturally curly hair
The Cut: This naturally curly head has been cut with layers to maximize the volume.
The Color: The rich auburn hair features subtle ginger highlights, adding depth and fire to the color while accentuating the curls.
The Style: This style relies on naturally curly hair. After towel-drying, the hair is prepped with maximum-hold styling gel, which is combed through with a wide-tooth comb to ensure even distribution. Using a diffused blow-dryer, the hair is dried while using the fingers to lift it away from the scalp for maximum volume.

Long Layers Haircut

Long yellow blonde hair with layers
The Cut: This cut features long layers and point cut texturing on the fringe area.
The Color: The hair is a pale yellow blonde with subtle depth and highlights to give a natural glow to the hair.
The Style: After towel-drying, the hair is prepped with styling gel and blow-dried at the top and crown using a round brush. The lower portion of the hair is dried with a diffuser while scrunching with the fingers to create gentle waves. Pomade or styling wax is then applied to the finished style to provide definition to the curls, ends, and fringe.

Red Crop Haircut

Longer pixie-cut hair with razor-cut layering
The Cut: This is a somewhat longer pixie-cut featuring razor-cut layering and feathered texture in the cutting.
The Color: The color is a rich, mahogany-dark auburn with very subtle chestnut highlights.
The Style: Begin by prepping the hair with a firm-hold styling gel and protective product. Then, blow-dry the hair using a round brush to create lift at the top, crown, and parietal ridge. Next, flip out the ends along the sides and at the bottom. Finally, define the ends of the hair and the parting using pomade or smoothing serum.

Short Haircut with Waves

Short haircut with waves and a feathered fringe
The Cut: The haircut is a long-ish circle cut style with feathered fringe area and soft texturing at the ends of the hair.
The Color: The hair's soft, rich auburn color is spiced with subtle cinnamon highlights to give the hair more fire and depth.
The Style: Begin by prepping the hair with styling gel on towel-dried hair. Then, roll the hair using large rollers to create soft waves in the neck-length cut. This technique adds fullness, volume, and lots of bouncy waves to the hair. Finally, use pomade or smoothing serum to create soft definition, especially in the fringe area.
Hair: Richard Ward
Makeup: Melanie Harris using Pop & Vintage Madeline Mono
Styling: Andrea Westinghouse
Art Direction: Tim Frisby
Photography: Joseph Oppedisano