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I Love History by Framesi

In the light of challenges that everyone is facing today, a trend to look back into the past emerges. Reflection of self and of our history is a way of stabilizing oneself in an unstable world. Framesi's "I love History" collection of hairstyles mirrors this search for pivot points, for genuine emotions, clarity and an image that brings back the feeling of a more balanced time.
  • side swing bangs
  • blow dryer volume
  • choppy long haircut
  • modern curls
  • very short hair
  • haircut with curls and layers
  • long bangs for men
  • spiked hair
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Anchor points of style are redefined; their main features, their essence and inner strength are adapted with a look into the future. Therefore we see shapes and styles that proudly present memories of past decades. A bit of 80s big hair, sassy shortcuts and long slender lines of decades gone by underwent a magnificent make-over under the hands and vision of the Framesi team.
video Hair: Framesi
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