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Curly Hair & Hairstyles

5 Ways to Make the Most of Curly Hair
You can do some great stuff with curly hair. Here are five things you can try with your curly locks.
Books about Curly Hair
A selection of books on the subject of curly hair and hairstyles.
Building a Better Curl
The various methods of curling hair, the results that you can expect, and the pros and cons for each method.
Celebrities with Long Curly Hair
Photos of celebrities wearing their hair long and curly.
Curly Hair Q&A
Questions and answers about curly hair and hairstyles.
Curly Hair Styling Progression
How to deal with in between stages when growing out curly hair. From short to shoulderlength in five stages.
Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair
Ideas and tips for beautiful long curly hair.
How to Maintain Curly Hair
Tips on caring for curly hair. The basics and more specific problems and solutions.
Long Curly Celebrity Hairstyles
Photos of celebrities with long curly hair.
Naturally Curly Hair & Curly Hair Problems
Naturally curly hair can definitely be a godsend when you have the right haircut. When it is cut into a fashionable haircut, you will see delightful flips, waves and twirls around the head without the slightest effort.
A line of tools enabling the creation of long spiraling curls.
The Twist Back
Learn how to create the Twist Back, a beautiful style for curly tresses.
Victorian Up Style
Tired of a pony tail for your long curly hair? Try the Victorian, a great look on second day hair.