Modern Long Hairstyles (24)

Are you considering transforming your look? You can do a lot with long hair. Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly, there's a suitable long hairstyle for you! A stylish long haircut can work for all ages and all hair types. Scroll through this gallery of long hairstyles for women and girls and let the beautiful looks surprise you!
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  • Long brown hair with curls and bounce
  • Hair with a sleek outline and tapering along the sides
  • Sleek hairstyle with the bangs cut into a curve
  • Long hairstyle with a high side part and opulent curls
  • Over shoulder-length hair with corkscrew curls
  • Hair with wild styling and vivacious curls
  • Blonde hair styled into a long barrel
  • Long hair with a gradient color effect
  • Dramatic hairstyle with dual hair coloring
  • Long hair with short braided sections
  • 1940s look with curls for long red hair
  • Long tousled hair with a light feel
  • Hair with textured lengths and thick bangs
  • Long hairstyle with different types of curls
  • Big hair with a lot of volume and fluff
  • Sleek long hair with precision cut bangs
  • Long black hair with silver streaks
  • Long haircut with graduation
  • Reverse long graduation haircut with bangs
  • Light and free channel haircut for long hair
  • Practical long haircut with side bangs
  • Basic concave layer haircut for long hair
  • One length long haircut for red hair
  • Long haircut with a tailored shape
  • Sleek hair cut with long graduation
  • Blonde hair with layers and highlights
  • Long chocolate brown hair with a reddish sheen
  • Sleek and silky brown hair with highlights
  • Blonde halfway layered hairstyle with darker sections
  • more long hairstyles

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