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Permed hair
A local salon is advertising a 24-hour perm. What exactly is that?
Am I still a natural blonde after getting a straight perm?
Am I supposed to curl the hair under with the curler or over?
Are perms recommended for color treated hair?
Are spiral curls still popular? I want a spiral perm, but a stylish hairstyle as well.
Are their varieties of perms to avoid multi-racial hair becoming too brittle?
Are there any chemicals in a perm that will be affected by high humidity?
A section of my head doesn't take the perm. What can I do?
Can a deep conditioner loosen a perm?
Can a man perm his hair and if so how long should it be?
Can having radiation prevent your hair from accepting curl?
Can henna color cause problems when perming hair?
Can I apply semi-permanent color to permed hair on the same day?
Can I get a body perm for only the back of my short hair?
Can I get dreads if my hair has been permed?
Can I get my hair permed again if it went straight overnight?
Can I have a perm after conscious sedation?
Can I have my hair bleached blonde and then have a curly perm on the same day?
Can I perm one section of my hair?
Can I put my hair up in a ponytail the day after I get a perm?
Can I put the perm solution on French braids instead of curlers?
Can I straighten my perm with a flat iron?
Can I style and wet newly permed hair?
Can I swim in a lake with newly permed hair?
Can I take my curly perm hair away with an Ogilvie Straightening kit?
Can I use henna/placenta conditioner on hair that was permed two weeks ago?
Can I use Soft and Beautiful Just for Me Relaxer on a straightened curly perm?
Can I use sponge rollers for an at home perm?
Can I wear a hat without ruining my perm?
Can magnetic rollers be used to roll the hair for a perm?
Can medication or anesthetics cause a perm to drop out?
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