Hairstyle Advice

Hairdresser giving hairstyle advice
A Blunt Haircut Versus a Layered Cut
There are various options of having both a blunt haircut or a layered haircut and many times we have short sighted visions in our mind of a sharp sword edged short cut verses the layered cut.
A Look at Long Locks and the Mature Woman
In today's world, age is little more than a number and should have nothing to do with a person's sense of style.
Are Permanent Curls Right for You?
Perming your hair is a big deal. It is a chemical treatment and it can take its toll of your hair. Be informed and use caution.
Asymmetrical Hairstyles
What are asymmetric styles? Who are they suited for? Are they harder to create than balanced styles? Let's take the topic one question at a time.
Bad Hair Days and Self-Esteem
At some point, everyone has experienced what has become popularly known as a "bad hair day." In many cases, the phrase is used to indicate the overall experience of an unpleasant day.
Best Hairstyles for Summer
In order to avoid an endless string of bad-hair days, it is important to adapt your hairstyle to the time of the year.
Body-Building Tips for Hair
Tips to improve the strength and substance of the hair and its ability to hold a style.
Books With Hairstyles
A selection of books with hairstyles, including professional books used by hairdressers.
Classic Looks
The classic hairstyles that slowly evolve through the years, changing only when techniques and products improve upon them aesthetically.
Corporate Hairstyles
Trends and fashions for office hairstyles. Your career and your hairdo.
Dealing with Specific Facial Features
Deal with problem features like a prominent nose or chin, a high or low forehead ...
Determine Your Face Shape
Know the shape (oval, square, triangle, inverted triangle, round) of your face before choosing a hairstyle.
Evolution of a Hairstyle
All too often women make rash decisions about changing their look, thinking that a new color, a perm or a much shorter cut are called for, only to be filled with regret a few days later.
Fashion and Hair
Often the one facet of creating the perfect look most women fail to consider is how to coordinate their hairstyle with the clothing they are wearing.
First Impressions
Hairstyle has been show to be one of the most prominent factors in impression making. It is important to consider the various aspects of your appearance, including hairstyle as well as clothing and makeup.
There are lots of different types and styles of fringes and trying to find the style that suits you best can sometimes be hard. There are wispy fringes, solid fringes, thick fringes, thin fringes, side fringes, long and short fringes, heavy fringes and lots more.
From Short to Shoulder-length in Gradual Steps
Here we show you four different cuts that are all similar and can be used to take you from your short style to shoulder-length hair in gradual, progressive steps.
Hair Carving
Hair designers experimenting in hair carving, taking tribal hair design to dizzyingly daring new heights.
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