Curly Hair Q&A

Red curly hair
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Am I a good candidate for a tight spiral perm?
Are layers something people with curly hair shouldn't get?
Are side swept curls out of fashion?
Can curly haired people have bangs?
Can I get a perm to make my natural curl go away?
Can I use a thio straightener to make my hair more manageable and blend in curls?
Can Jheri curl rollers be used to curl straight hair to achieve the effect of fine curls?
Can you suggest a product that gives surf hair relaxed curl without frizzing?
Does a reverse bob go well with very thick, curly hair?
Does dying corkscrew curly hair lighter loosen the curls?
Do hot, tropical climates cause hair to become curly?
Do you have any suggestions for a quick hairstyle for my unruly mane?
Do you know of any ways to make my tight curls looser and sexier-looking?
How can I get heat-free curls?
How can I get more volume to the roots of my hair when using a diffuser?
How can I get rid of the layers in my curly hair? I'm Asian.
How can I get rid of the pyramid effect?
How can I get smoother and looser curls?
How can I loosen my really curly hair so that it is just wavy?
How can I maintain my curly hair in different climates?
How can I make my hair curlier without rollers or curling irons?
How can I make my hair to adopt the natural curly look when it is dry?
How can I smooth my coarse and curly hair with a lot of frizz?
How can I stop my hair from poofing?
How can I tame the poof my curly hair gets?
How can you make curly hair looser with hair curlers?
How do I use Carmen heated rollers and keep them in place with the pins?
How do I get spiral curls with a curling product?
How do magnetic rollers work?
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