Urban Graff by Eric Léturgie

Youthful hairstyles
Graffiti on the walls and on the hair. A symbol for modern expression in color and with edgy shapes.
Each of Eric Léturgie's youthful hairstyles features elements of urban style. Streaks and patches of bright colors enlighten the natural base colors and expand on the artistic theme of this collection.
Eye covering curls, disconnected accent strands, hints of geometry and a cool attitude are the stuff for a cosmopolitan makeover. With the understated hair colors and the ease of design, these hairstyles are highly wearable.

Sleek as Silk

Silky long hair with a light feel
Sleek long hair
It does not get any sleeker than this. A long hairstyle with edges that are finely textured to get a light and feathery feel also features a soft tapering along the sides and very fine lose strands that fall over her face.
Long thin and shorter, but thicker tassels break up the simplicity of the classic cut with its blunt bangs. Intense illumination lifts the spirit and the right side of the fringe as well as the left side of the over the shoulder plunging length.

Flowing Updo

Casual updo for sleek hair
Updo with braided hair rolled into a bun
Casual with sleek finesse. A chic alternative to wearing the long hair open comes with a bun. The extremely sleek hair was brushed until it resembled pure silk and then braided in the nape before it was rolled up and tugged under to this cool bun.
The combination of flawless sleekness and the casual shape of the bun together with a few well placed open strands gives this look its alluring appeal. Her bangs are blunt and accentuate the exquisite artistry of her eyeliner. Silver highlights in the ash blonde hair provide another level of contrast for an even greater thrill, subtle but intense.

Impeccably Tapered

Medium length hair with tapering
Hair cut in an angled line - Side view
The geometry of this cut can be best observed from the sides where a straight line connects the upper spine to the tip of her nose. This angle puts much excitement into the simplicity of the round cut, which can be styled in many fun ways.
Here the sides were curved inward with a round brush and smoothly flank her neck. Long bangs are styled over to the side and follow the smooth curve of the grand design. Her hair color is an earthy dark blonde, which allows her to be even more expressive with her make-up.

Catch the Wave

Short hair that curls around the ear
His and hers haircuts
Eric Léturgie puts a new spin on "his and hers" with adaptable cuts based on classic masculine hair design. Her version features a graduated neck which transitions in length from the back to the front.
A great inverted wave shape curls around her ear and flows back up into a curved fringe. All edges are fine tuned in their graphic clarity. The movement comes from within and with the help of a fine comb and some anti-frizz modeling serum. A deep burgundy hair color completes the elegant edginess of this look.

Massive Mane of Curls

Medium length hair with curls
Long curly fringe that covers the eyes
It is frothy and comes in a delicious berry hair color. A thousand curls are not enough for this mane of curls. The incredible volume only competes with the amazing fringe, that is so long that it fully covers her eyes and ends in a straight line from cheekbone to cheekbone.
This rebel with a spray can still see her creations on the wall through the little gaps between the curls and makes a determined statement about her own definition of style.

Movement and Pin Stripes

Men's haircut with wide side burns
Urban looks for hair
A new sense of dapper has entered the urban streets. Classic but with a twist, this haircut for men intrigues with short but extra wide, curved side burns, an equally curved short fringe and the movement of the forward combed hair.
All contours remain neat and find their sexy counterpart in his stubbly facial hair. Attention, men! Ties are trendy again even outside of the office.
Production: Eric Léturgie
Hair: Eric Léturgie & Yannick Léturgie
Make-up: Mélanie Perodeau
Styling: Yannick Léturgie
Photography: Jean-François Bouchet d'Angely