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Peter Prosser Hairdressing

Peter Prosser proves to us that glamour does not have to be complicated. In his collection of hairstyles he delights us with luxurious, elegant styles for women that are based on timeless ideas paired with the perfect cut.
  • just under the ears bob
  • curls for long blonde hair
  • short frayed hairstyle
  • short cut for blonde hair
  • career look for men
  • man with curly hair
  • professional hairstyle for men
  • wearable hairstyle for men
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"With an emphasis on manageable glamour, I wanted to create a collection inspired by sophisticated and elegant form that builds upon the salon's repertoire of wearable timeless styles."
He also has very handsome ideas for men and gives them looks that take them out of the box of the universal short and neat cut.
"I wanted to created tailored, functional looks with an edge for the man about town."
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