Long Hairstyles for Teens & Ladies (29)

A new hairstyle can make you look completely different, give more self-confidence and change the way other people see you. Are you not ready to chop your long locks? There’s no need to. You can bring as little or as much change into your look as you want. Scroll down for inspiration for long hairstyles!
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  • Sleek long hair with marbled coloring
  • Very long bob with sleekness and beveled ends
  • Sleek hairstyle with two different hair lengths
  • Smooth long hair with red and purple hues
  • Long blonde hair with a natural appearance
  • Long hair with waves and a color transition
  • Very long platinum blonde hair with thick waves
  • Hair with thinned ends for a light airy feel
  • Classy long blonde hair with a natural appeal
  • Long hair swept up and back over the forehead
  • Long hairstyle with a soft eyelid-length fringe
  • Soft below the shoulders haircut with layers
  • Golden blonde hair with large fluffed curls
  • Long hair with bangs that transition into the sides
  • Long hairstyle with beautiful volume and oversized curls
  • Very long tapered hair with a simple middle part
  • Long blonde hairstyle with balance and simplicity
  • Blonde hair with high definition curls and waves
  • Romantic blonde hairstyle with softness and shine
  • Long platinum blonde hair with natural crimps
  • Haircut with different hair lengths and sleekness
  • Long geometric haircut with tousled bangs
  • Long chestnut brown hair with curled lengths
  • Long punk hairstyle with a messy appeal
  • Long red hairstyle with curls in the tips
  • Long red hair with defined spiral curls
  • Long silver hair with a black strand
  • High fashion hairstyle with a steel hair color
  • Long blonde hair that falls down the back
  • more long hairstyles

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