Insomnia by MG Hairdressing

Short and long hairstyles for women
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Sleepless nights are becoming more interesting. With hair this fascinating it is almost a sin to just sleep the night away. This MG Hairdressing collection wants to be seen and admired.
Six short and two long hairstyles illuminate even the darkest hours with their fluorescent shine and bold colors. Shapes are soft and round with refined twists and surprises. Subtlety is not the goal, but an elegant approach to extravagant elements and radical styling.
MG Hairdressing uses direction, color and texture to induce that special character, which makes each style so unique. Edgy chic for nocturnal prowling that can be styled in variations according to the mood of the evening.

Perfect Fit

Smooth short hair with streaks hair color
Tailored to a perfect fit, this smooth short hairstyle displays radical simplicity in shape and high finesse in hair color and in styling. Texture is used in the fringe with much artistry taking it from a softly jagged line to a smooth one before it angles into the cheekbone emphasizing side section.
Color is applied in long streaks that start high on the crown and are styled diagonally to liven up the demure roundness of the cut. Red, brown and black tones create a sweet melody of shadow and light.

Sideburn Softness

Short blonde haircut with sideburns
Color and cut are as soft as the fur of a newborn lamb. The ivory blonde hair color brings out the gentle character of this short cut that is finely graduated on the sides and in the back and at the same it features increasing lengths of hair on the crown towards the front.
The top hair seamlessly flows into a long diagonal fringe that is balanced out with smooth sideburns.

Glam Makeover

New look with curls for short blonde hair
Abracadabra, what a few curls can do! A fully new look and mood are created just by curling up the long top hair of the cut in the previous picture. Sides are still snug and tomboy short, but lo and behold a wave of glamour whirled up the top.
The forward pointing curled volume is not all - a hint of color was added, just on the roots of the fringe to repeat the gentle blush from her face.

Jagged Little Fringe

Short blunt haircut with two colors
Straight on top with a soft graduation on the side to support the shape and volume, this alluring short haircut boasts a two-colored fringe with an extra surprise. The straight, blunt cutting line suddenly bursts into a jagged section with one long, seemingly random black strand amidst buttery, caramel shortness.
Color and shape are used to disrupt the otherwise simple style and again it shows that one little effect is enough to change the whole appearance and can take a look very quickly from nice to naughty.

In the Corner

Short hair with styling for straightness
The symmetry of the cap-style short look is challenged by a splash of color and an eye-catching corner in the side of the fringe. The hair is styled for straightness and a smooth flow starting at the crown.
Simplicity and attitude come together to form this picturesque appearance that is enhanced with the make-up, the star of which are the most amazing fake eyelashes one can buy.

Sides Up

Short hair with winged swept up sides
A little modification and the smoldering elegance of the style before turns into a fierce yet playful look for short hair. Winged sides sweep up and show off the perfect undercut and graduation that is now living up to its full potential.
The two-tone coloring together with the asymmetrical fringe takes the wispy look to high fashion realms and guarantees a lasting impact.

Movement in Red

Face framing long red hair with sweeping motion
Thick, luscious layers are fine-tuned to shape an intricate surface with extra long and shorter, dynamic sections. Starting at the crown a deep fringe flows diagonally across the face. Sides are turned frontward and frame the face in their textured glory.
Sweeping motions all over make this lively look for long hair the star of the season. The ruby-merlot-copper liaison makes sure no one will overlook this one.

Time to Tango

Feminine long hair with curls and a tapered fringe
A fairy godmother came by and turned the last look into a cloud of princess curls to get her ready for the big ball. The wild attitude makes room for romance and feminine esprit.
The diagonally tapered fringe and straight upper section make sure though, that the long hair is modern and retains that certain edge.
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