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MG Hairdressing

Sleepless nights are becoming more interesting. With hair this fascinating it is almost a sin to just sleep the night away. This MG Hairdressing collection wants to be seen and admired.
  • streaks of hair color
  • graduated short hair
  • new look for short hair
  • jagged bangs
  • fake eyelashes
  • fierce look
  • sweeping long hair
  • hairstyle with feminine esprit
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Six short and two long hairstyles illuminate even the darkest hours with their fluorescent shine and bold colors. Shapes are soft and round with refined twists and surprises. Subtlety is not the goal, but an elegant approach to extravagant elements and radical styling.
MG Hairdressing uses direction, color and texture to induce that special character, which makes each style so unique. Edgy chic for nocturnal prowling that can be styled in variations according to the mood of the evening.
Hairstyles: MG Hairdressing