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Vintage Hairstyles Q&A

Can you tell me more about hairstyles for women that were popular in the 1990s?
Can you tell me more about Rockabilly hairstyles?
Did women wear bobs in the 60s? What length?
Does anyone remember the "swing", a 70s haircut?
Do you know what a psychobilly wedge is?
Do you know where I can find wool strands used in the 70's to tie up ponytails?
How can I accomplish the 1940's hair rolls?
I'm trying desperately to find old fashioned soft rubber hair rollers.
I need a 1920s hairstyle for long hair. Any ideas?
I need to find out where I can find pictures of a pompadour haircut.
I need to know what hairstyles women wore in the 1800s. Can you help?
In the early 70s we had a hair cut which was called a Gypsy. Can you tell me what the cut was?
I want a 50's hair-do that I can do myself. Do you have any suggestions?
I would love a 1920s hairstyle with pointed front sections along the cheekbones.
What is a greaser hairstyle?
What is a Princeton haircut?
Will having very short hair ruin my retro/vintage image?
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