Pictures of Haircuts for Long Hair (21)

Women who have long hair want shorter hair while women with short hair want longer hair. It seems to be a standard rule. What type if woman are you? If you want to grow your hair out or cut your already long hair just a little shorter, you have plenty of options. Keep strolling for pictures of amazing long hairstyles!
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  • Long hair with large curls and diagonal bangs
  • Below the shoulders hair with styling for a morning-after effect
  • Hair with razor-cut texture and a natural feel
  • Dual length haircut with a 90-degree angle
  • Hair with different lengths and color transitions
  • Trendy long hairstyle with soft waves
  • Seventies look with pinned-back bangs for long hair
  • Business style with straight long hair and full bangs
  • Casual romantic look with curls for long hair
  • Sleek long hair with multidimensional color effects
  • Long hair with a deep brown color
  • Natural looking hair with blonde nuances
  • Long hairstyle with ruffled waves and eyebrow cuffing bangs
  • Feathery light hair with long bangs
  • Long blonde hair with crimping and a smooth top
  • Long hair with short layers for a vamp look
  • Blonde hair with clean lines and a middle part
  • Long brown hair worn open and free
  • Blonde hair with broad blunt cut bangs
  • Simple long haircut with a marbled color effect
  • Long hair with a high crown and large waves
  • Long hairstyle with a loose side braid
  • Ponytail with a tight wrap around the base
  • Long blonde hair with wide bangs and a purple accent color
  • Long brown natural looking hair with highlights
  • Seventies hairstyle with the ends styled outwards
  • Hippie look with long blonde hair and curled ends
  • Tapered just over the shoulders hair with bangs
  • Beach look with long blonde layered hair
  • more long hairstyles

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