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Hair products
Can I use products on my daughter's hair? She's 7 months old.
Can my wife purchase cellophane so she may do the treatment herself?
Can you tell me if using Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray in my hair will dry it out?
Does hair spray go bad?
Does limp fine hair need weekly deep conditioning?
Does mousse work well on wavy hair to make it feel softer, sleeker and more manageable?
Do hair products expire and how do you know when they are no longer good?
Do you have any idea of hair gels that will not cause yellowing?
Do you know if certain hair types are affected by frizz differently?
Hair thickening spray. Does it really work?
How can I achieve the "wet look" for my short hair?
How can I make limp hair more voluminous?
I am looking for a perm called Nova. Who makes it or which supply house sells it?
I bought a conditioner for curly hair, but I can't see the curls as much. Why is this?
I found some old glass bottles of LaMaur Duo-Curl Waving Lotion. What is this?
I have noticed my scalp is very dry in the winter. What products are good?
I have pimples near the scalp area. Can it be because of hair products?
I have tried every conditioner on the market, But nothing appears to work on my hair!
I'm in desperate need of finding unscented hair care products for African-American hair.
Is Indian hair oil good for your hair?
Is it ok to use olive oil conditioner frequently on chemically relaxed hair?
Is it really worth buying the more expensive hair products?
Is there a correct order for placing styling products on your hair for the best benefit?
Is there any product that adds shine specifically to gray hair?
Is there a product I can put on wispy ends to give them more definition?
Is there a product I could use to help maintain my style in hot climates and the swimming pool?
Is there a product that gives shine without getting hard?
Is there a product to keep my hair from flipping out and keep it non-static?
Is there something like hair thinning shampoo?
I would like to wear my hair scrunched, but it doesn't hold. What product should I use?
My hairstylist refuses to tell me what products he uses on my hair. Is this normal practice?
Should I use the same products for my hair as the salon uses?
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