African Hair Q&A

African hair
Can an African American woman have waist-length hair without extensions?
Can black / African-American men perm their hair to spike it?
Can you blow dry African textured hair straight? If not what is the result if blow dried?
Can you recommend a good leave-in moisturizing spray?
Can you use a texturizer and color at the same time for African-American hair?
Do you think using relaxer and color at the same time is a bad choice?
Have you heard of a natural hair straightening product made by Janelle Beauty?
How can I change the texture of my hair?
How can I control my daughter's very curly and frizzy biracial hair?
How can I get loose curls instead of my tight coils, without using chemicals?
How can I get waves in my curly African hair?
How can I keep my hair straight and long, even when it dries?
How can I make brittle and dull African hair look shiny and healthy?
How can I minimize the impact of chlorine on African-American hair?
How can I style my hair to keep it more manageable?
How does one get his afro looking soft like the West Indies locks?
How do I go about conditioning my hair every day?
How do I use coconut oil and Shea butter?
How do you flat iron African-American hair?
How do you get matted knots out of black hair?
How long does it take for relaxed hair to go natural?
How many times a week can an African-American woman flat iron her hair?
How often can you wash African hair?
How often should I be trimming dead/split-ends?
How often should I trim the hair of a mixed child?
If I decide to get cornrows, what kind of natural products would you suggest?
If I get a reverse perm and it looks horrendous, can I take it out?
If I were to get my hair straightened with a thermal ceramic iron stove would it be ok?
I have been having issues with trying to get my hair to grow. It's quite uneven.
I have short African-American hair and really bad dandruff problems.
Is it safe to flat iron my healthy hair?
Is Japanese straightening unsuited for Afro hair?
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