Updos & Formal Hairstyles

Discover the latest updos for both long and shorter hair. Get inspired to style your hair for special occasions. Browse the updos and formal hairstyles photo gallery and find ideas for upstyles, semi-updos, chignons, braids, wedding hair, and hairstyles with a ponytail.
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  • Festive updo with the hair pulled as smooth as can be
  • Up-style with a bun and jewelry hairpins
  • Hair styled up for a Rosemary Clooney look with a knot of soft curls
  • Princess look updo with the hair twirled into a froth of curls
  • Up-style with overlapping bands of hair and a spiral curl
  • Roman Empire inspired updo with delicate spiral curls
  • Updo hairstyle with a braid along one side and a tiara
  • Romantic hairstyle with a French braid and a piece of hair jewelry
  • Classic updo with a high crown, a chignon and a swirled hair strand
  • Simple chignon with smooth styling and a feathery hair accessory
  • Hair up style with a rippled surface and renaissance curls
  • Updo with a nape-gathered knot featuring old fashion elements
  • Semi-updo with braids of hair wrapped around the head
  • Up-style with sleek styling and an exaggerated chignon
  • Elegant up-style with the hair confined within a jeweled hairnet
  • 1920s or 1930s updo with high volume and braided elements
  • Updo with a topkont base and herringbone braids
  • Smooth and sophisticated updo with curves that intersect
  • Updo hairstyle that makes the hair look shorter
  • Partially up and partially swept hairstyle with sausage curls
  • Up-style with an arrangement of draped lengths and pin curls
  • Romantic hairstyle with curls and a variety of knots and twists
  • Partial updo with soft twists and curls
  • Ancient Greece inspired up-style with knots at the nape of the neck
  • Half up and half down hairstyle with a 1960s appeal
  • Partial updo with sleek lines and soft sweeping curls
  • Glamorous up-style with a barrette on top of the head and one in the back
  • Casual updo with bangs and high bun
  • Glamorous low ponytail with waves along the tips of the hair
  • Twisted hair
  • Updo with twisted hair and sleek areas
  • Wedding hair
  • Hair in a Sixties updo
  • Tied up long hair
  • Updo with tendrils
  • Updo for summer days
  • Updo with an exposed forehead
  • Updo with spikes
  • Rock and roll updo
  • more up-styles

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