Cebado - Hairstyles Autumn Winter

Hair fashion for the office and for festivities
For more than one century Cebado has been Spain's first address when it comes to great hair. The new Autumn Winter hairstyles collection is just a small yet fascinating sample of the amazing hair fashion that has come from their creative geniuses.
Winter is the time for festive celebrations, little black dresses and elegant hairstyles. Look like a celebrity with one of the Cebado glamour looks. The choices are plenty for long and short hair. The collection offers great hairstyles for sparkly nights but also for daily life to make you look spectacular at the office or at the bistro.
Smooth lines setting the trend as well as natural colors, high and puffy updos, short androgynous haircuts and long flowing manes.

Hair with Long Waves

Long blonde hair with waves parted in the center
Zen like simplicity is paired with understated luxury to result in this beautifully balanced hairstyle with long and opulent waves. The hair was parted in the center and pulled to one side where it cascades over the shoulder in large ripples.
The light, almost translucent blonde color looks especially natural because it is a little darker towards the roots and has well placed high and lowlights for a gentle boost in dimension and shine.

Blonde Shorty

Short blonde haircut with layers and a round nape
A touch of vintage is always a winner, especially when it is applied to cute short hairstyles. This blonde shorty reminds of the famous mod hairstyles and the intoxicating energy of the 70s.
The hair was cut in short layers with a clear, rounded line in the nape and increasing texture towards the front. It was parted on the side to achieve a diagonal fringe. The lamb-blonde is sophisticated, yet soft and sexy.

Hair Up for Festive Events

Hair in an upward sweep for festive event hair
Festive up-style
For festive events the way to style your hair is up and the higher, the better. Defy gravity with the right technique, accessories and hairspray. For this extravagant upward sweep the hair was rolled to dense curls starting with small ones in the back and increasing their size towards the top.
The hair was then combed back tight against the scalp and pinned down invisibly around the head the top is gently teased and kept upright with a good dose of heavy hold product. A fashion barrette gives the hairstyle a finishing touch.

Fringe Pulled Back with a Barrette

Long blonde hair pulled back with a barrette
Very long hair turns super glamorous with large waves and the right styling. Big curlers or a large barreled curling iron can help with the wave action. The ondulations are well defined and fluffy.
A very stylish touch is the strictly pulled back fringe that is held in place by a large, rounded barrette. This keeps the face open and adds even more volume to the back and crown.

Elegant Updo

Vintage up-style with a French roll
Vintage updo
This elegant updo is fit for royalty and comes with an exquisite flair of vintage luxury. The long hair was brushed to ultimate smoothness and softness before thick layers and strands were coiled and arranged across and under each other to shape the organic flow of this elaborate look.
The back hair was shaped to a large French roll and then interwoven with the shaped top. The different shades of blond, from ash to platinum increase the effect and add motion.

Updo with Pinned Hair

Updo with a roll of curls
Pinned hair with curls
It is time to celebrate! Not just the holidays but the return of glamorous hairstyles. We can be divas again and don't have to hold back anymore. Medium long hair with or without layers can be transformed into this heart stopping updo in just a few steps.
After the hair was curled it was gathered in the back and pinned to a generous roll of curls from the nape almost to the forehead. The small diagonal fringe is a charming counterpoint to the exuberance on top.

Haircut for Fine Featured Women

Short hair for women with fine features
Hair does not have to be long to be glamorous. Fine featured women can look breathtaking with a short haircut. The manly character of the cut is softened by the texture, soft styling and super shiny radiance of the hair.
Closely cropped at one length the contour follows the shape of the head and frames the face in playful fringes while the back is neatly curved against the nape.

Natural Curls

Timeless style with curls for short hair
Charming short curls are timeless, stylish and sexy. They look great with all outfits and for all occasions. This is one of the best things that can happen to natural curls. Have them cut to the same length all around to follow the shape of the head with a nice, full nape.
The bangs should be short to open up the face. The dark, woodsy color is warm and also radiates with natural elegance.

Backswept Short Hair

Short hair swept to the back
Back swept style for short hair
As if blown by a strong wind, this voluminous hairstyle for short hair is swept to the back, creating a dynamic contour full of motion and energy. The layered haircut features a wedge shape in the nape with very short layers at the bottom and increasing length towards the upper section.
This base cut allows for many styling options - all you need is some creativity, a good styling mousse, a round brush and a blow dryer.

Sporty Hairstyle with Side Parting

Curly hair in a sporty tousled bob
The triangular shape of the slightly curly hairstyle pictured here is flattering for small or long faces. The essence of this tousled look is sporty and fun. The side parting makes it slightly asymmetrical and increases the style factor tremendously.
Just tousle your all around chin length bob with the hands, crunch in some mousse and spray for better hold and volume with the head down.

Easy to Maintain Hairstyle

Short and easy to maintain blonde fashion hair style
This one is high up on the sassy-meter! Short and neatly cut with a smooth, but sassy styling this hairstyle has a timeless chic that is on top of the fashion trends. It can be styled in many ways and is fairly easy to maintain.
The hair is gently layered and much volume has been built on the crown. The fringe is deep and slightly curved to one side.

Masculine Short Haircut

Dynamic and practical masculine haircut
His aerodynamic haircut will take first place with the ladies. Dynamic and practical, yet on top of the trend, this short hairstyle features skintight sides, masculine sideburns and a handful of charming ruffling on top.
Together with a light shadow of sexy stubbles in the face this is the way to smoothly conquer the winter season with a hot look.
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