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Hairstyles Autumn Winter

For more than one century Cebado has been Spain's first address when it comes to great hair. The new Autumn Winter hairstyles collection is just a small yet fascinating sample of the amazing hair fashion that has come from their creative geniuses.
Winter is the time for festive celebrations, little black dresses and elegant hairstyles. Look like a celebrity with one of the Cebado glamour looks. The choices are plenty for long and short hair.
  • hair with waves parted in the center
  • blonde shorty haircut
  • upward sweep for festive event hair
  • long hair pulled back with a barrette
  • vintage up-style
  • updo with pinned hair with curls
  • short hair for women with fine features
  • curls for short hair
  • voluminous short hair
  • tousled bob
  • short fashion hair style
  • dynamic masculine haircut
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The new collection offers great hairstyles for sparkly nights but also for daily life to make you look spectacular at the office or at the bistro.
Smooth lines setting the trend as well as natural colors, high and puffy updos, short androgynous haircuts and long flowing manes.
Hairstyles: Cebado
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