Desir by é SALON

Sepia toned photos of hairstyles
Lisa Muscat and the lovely folks at é SALON have put together a dramatic collection of looks, called simply, "Desir." The styles celebrate the art of seduction in all its variations, proving that there's more than one look that can say, "come hither".
The looks feature high contrast elements yet are presented in vintage-looking sepia-toned images. With a color palette ranging from the palest blondes to rich ebony brunettes, there's surely something for everyone.

Beveled Bob

Blonde beveled bob with micro-braiding
When you picture an ebony-skinned goddess, you don't usually think of platinum-blonde bob hairstyles. Yet this high-volume style is cut in a beveled bob with a clean-edged fringe. The hair color is a bright, milky-blonde though the exact tone is belied by the sepia-tint of the photo.
Styling of the hair involves the use of either a micro-crimper or micro-braiding of damp hair and removing the braids after the texture is set. This gives the hair the extra volume and fullness without detracting overmuch from the straight look of the hair.

Wild Look

Primal hair look
The full-volume, wild-and-wooly look shown here conjures images of the days when relations between men and women were truly primal, feral imperatives. The long-layered cut is styled using tight curls that are combed out and back-combed to create a topiary effect.
The hair color is a rich, natural brunette with its own subtle variances and blends with the wave pattern of the hair to create a soft palette for the hard-driven style.

Vintage Glamour

1920s or 1930s hairstyle with finger-waves
By contrast, this hairstyle seems less exotic, but has its own allure. The sable hair color is carefully sculpted into large, soft finger-waves, evoking a vintage feel of glamour from the Hollywood heydays of the late 1920s and early 1930s era.
The rich color has only slight variance in highlights and lowlights, while the glossy sheen of the color and the finish of the hair create a refraction of the light that shows each wave and peak to maximum impact. Hers is a beauty that men want to capture, and women want to copy.

Blonde Up-Style

Blonde up-style with soft curves
The long-layered locks of this blonde up-style create contrast in the juxtaposition of smooth, straight styling of the hair with soft, sculptured curves crafting the up-do. The hair color is a medium blonde, with darker base tones at the scalp, giving an "everywoman" feel to the casual elegance of an up-style.
The darker base also gives the sweeping lines a backdrop against which to stand out. The style is crafted carefully, as the long locks are smoothed into long arcs and layered over one another, the ends tucked securely to control the "wild" look that could easily take over if care is not taken.

Asymmetrical Gamine Haircut

Short gamine cut with curving bangs for blonde hair
When you think of seductive hairstyles, few people realize that you don't have to have long, luxurious locks to turn a head, or catch an eye. This asymmetrical gamine haircut features a layered top section and a gently curving fringe line that dips into a side-lock that tapers gently with textured layering.
The smooth styling is given added definition by the overlapping of choppy layering. The overall effect is soft and seductive, without being overly feminine or frilly.

Satiny Cascading Curls

Long blonde hair with satiny cascading curls
This is probably the image that would conjure most when they think of seductive hairstyles. The long, deeply layered, mass of coiling curls that cascade down the shoulders. The look is soft and romantic, and fits almost every fairy-tale and fantasy scenario one could imagine.
The color is a soft, mid-level blonde with plenty of variation in highlighting and lowlighting. The styling takes mid-to-large soft spiral curls and carefully draws them out into a mane-like mass, all while keeping the curls as intact and satiny as possible.
Hair: Lisa Muscat - é SALON
Make-Up: Jenny Eady
Styling: Lisa Muscat
Photography: Peter Tabor
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