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"Woman in Love"


White is the new black in casual fashions and still the number one when it comes to weddings. Bright and shiny but designed with cool understatement of modern simplicity. The ethereal brightness finds it match in the bridal haircolor of the year: a golden blonde.
  • wedding hairstyle with small curls
  • wedding hair with corkscrew curls
  • ponytail for a wedding
  • wedding hair with a gardenia
  • wedding hair style with a headband
  • bridal hair with twirls
  • backwards styling for wedding hair
  • bridal updo
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Wedding hairstyles were created with romance and glamour in mind. Pure luxury made into hair with smooth, straight lines or designed as a love song out of effervescent champagne colored curls. The sexy sparkle will underline her regal status on that special day. Another masterpiece collection by BUNDY BUNDY - made for modern brides who dare to yes to outrageous style, opulence and preciousness.
Hairstyles: BUNDY BUNDY Artistic Team
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