Pictures of Long Hair Styles (4)

Why not have some fun with your long hair and change your style? There are many choices when it comes to choosing long hairstyles. Your hairdresser can help to create the perfect long style to suit your personality. Keep scrolling for beautiful hairstyles that allow you to keep your hair length!
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  • Smooth hairstyle with an elegant curve
  • Long layered hair with flowing lines
  • Long hairstyle with layered lower ends
  • Hairstyle with curls for a gypsy look
  • Long hair with a back-angled side parting
  • Hair with box layering and a wind-blown flair
  • Long face framing hairstyle with horizontal bangs
  • Long hairstyle that opens up the face
  • Hairdo with overlapping strands of hair
  • Natural styling for long, wavy hair
  • Sleek shoulder length bob with textured ends
  • Long bob with styling for a high-volume look
  • Long hairstyle with razor cut layers and bangs
  • Long ink black hair with layers
  • Long dark hair styled for a windblown look
  • Long hairstyle with face framing layers and heavy bangs
  • Wedding hairstyle with tumbling curls
  • Very long hair with retro waves
  • Sleek 1970s look for long hair
  • Hair with steep tapering and layers
  • Long hairstyle with layers and disheveled lengths
  • Hair with curls that cascade down one shoulder
  • Long face-framing hairstyle with rounded bangs
  • Hair with a mix of straight and wavy strands
  • Brown hair with platinum blonde streaks
  • Long blonde hair with rolled sides
  • Very long hair with ends that point inwards
  • Just below the shoulders hairstyle with volume
  • Nostalgic style with large waves for long hair
  • more long hairstyles

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