Jennifer Wilson for Essensuals Hairdressing

Soft hair
As part of the Toni&Guy Group of salons and salon professionals, Jennifer Wilson presents her collection. The hairstyles featured combine textures and finishes to offer both smooth, sleek, and soft looks, as well as voluminous, natural curls and definition.

Long Layered Haircut

Long mahogany hair with layers
The Cut: Here we have a long, layered haircut featuring razor texture and the option of a long or no fringe.
The Color: The hair color is a rich, dark mahogany with natural highlighting that becomes truly apparent when light reflects off the hair's sheen and luster.
The Style: To achieve this hairstyle, begin with naturally wavy hair or use large rollers on the sides and back. After drying, back-comb the hair to create fullness around the back and sides, framing the face. Smooth the hair on top, possibly using a flat iron for contrast with the bulky curls.
Sweep the smoothed locks diagonally across the top and forehead, securing them back into the sides for contrast. Enhance the curls with a spray or spritz, scrunching with the fingers for added definition. Finally, let long curling tendrils trail down the neck and back for softness and movement.

Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Asymmetrical hairstyle for long hair
The Cut: The hair in this photo is razor-cut in an asymmetrical style, providing deep texturing and maximum visual interest, with a chin-length fringe.
The Color: The model showcases light golden-blonde coloring with dark patterning, adding additional interest and texture to the look. This hair color pattern resembles certain feathers or animal skins, bringing a touch of the wild to the urban setting.
The Style: The model has sleek, straight hair that is blow-dried straight and finished with a flat iron to enhance its sleekness. To further define the straightened locks, use a pomade to smooth and add substance to the hair.

Modern A-Line Bob

A-line bob with a darker fringe
The Cut: This hairstyle presents a modern variation of the classic A-line bob. The cutting line is angled high in the crown area and extends to different points at the face for an asymmetrical look. The ends are razor-textured, and the fringe is cut at an angle toward the longer side of the cut.
The Color: Hair color is used strategically to define and accentuate the style, with a darker shade emphasizing the fringe. The hair on the top, back, and sides is a pale golden blonde, layered over the darker fringe to create depth in the overall look.
The Style: Traditionally short and sleek, this style gains softness and a twist with targeted color and razor-texturing. To achieve the look, blow-dry the hair straight and part it with an angled parting. Smooth the fringe with a flat iron to create a sleek curtain over the eyes, while the pale blonde cap of hair is softened and defined with a light application of pomade for structured texture.

Long Hair with Tendrils

Long layered hairstyle with tendrils and curls
The Cut: The hair is styled in a long-layered cut, with maximum length in the upper layers and razor-textured ends.
The Color: The model showcases a rich, fiery hair color, complemented by soft, coppery highlights that add depth and dimension.
The Style: Once again, we start with hair that is either naturally wavy or styled to create curls. The hair is then styled to smooth the upper lengths while maximizing volume in the lower two-thirds of the style. With an off-set, angled parting, the long fringe is lifted to arc over the forehead and swept back into the mass of curls.
To enhance volume, the curls are backcombed and defined using spray and scrunching. A light application of pomade or smoothing serum can be used to soften and define the tendrils that trail over the shoulders and down the body.
Hair: Jennifer Wilson - Essensuals Hairdressing
Makeup: Margita Skrenkova
Styling: Anna Slezakova
Photography: Thomas Beran