Short Hairstyles

Do you ever get the urge to cut your hair short? Are you seeking inspiration for short hairstyles? Consider all your options and get an idea of the type of short hairstyle that could work for you. Check out these pixie cuts and short bobs to get inspired before your visit to the salon!
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  • Classy short hairstyle with a rounded back and graduated texture
  • Modern pixie cut with an elongated neckline and bangs
  • Blonde chin-length bob hairstyle with bangs
  • Red hair cut to a short face framing hairstyle with bangs
  • Layered short bob hairstyle with hair ends that curve inward
  • Very short haircut with hair that points in all directions
  • Short layered brunette bob with wispy bangs and paired with eyeglasses
  • Feminine short pixie hairstyle with diagonal bangs
  • Fresh and young bob with steep graduation and bangs that fall into the face
  • Short haircut with sleek styling and a neat outline
  • Short hairstyle with smooth graduation, layereing and arched bangs
  • Short hair with roundness and styled to a snug fitting look
  • Bob with multiple tones, tweaked ends and short blunt cut bangs
  • A-line bob with razor texturing and sharp just above the eyes bangs
  • Short hairstyle with uprising hair ends and a wispy appearance
  • Short just below the ears bob with an oval shape and long bangs
  • Short brunette bob with a longer front that touches the chin
  • Short and fluffy hairstyle for brown hair with highlights
  • Soft short hairstyle that just covers the ears, featuring disheveled curls
  • Pixie cut with contrasting hair colors and a very short nape section
  • Short and bouncy above the jawline hairstyle with flicked ends for volume
  • Classic short hairstyle with layers, tapered sides and long bangs
  • Short bob with layers and bangs that cover a part of the face
  • Short hairstyle with rounded contours, tapered ends and bounce
  • Short feminine hairstyle with layering and very long bangs
  • Face framing hairstyle with a short neck section and length in the front
  • Hairstyle with a short neck section, tailored sides and asymmetrical bangs
  • Red hair cut to a short hairstyle with a smooth crown and jagged cutting lines
  • Short above the ears hairstyle with long top hair and a side part
  • Short and tousled hair
  • Sharp pixie haircut
  • Wispy pixie cut
  • Short hair with stripe coloring
  • Short hair with colored stripes
  • Pixie cut with slithered bangs
  • Short hair with angled sides
  • Female hair with buzzed sides
  • Deeply layered bob
  • back-angled bob
  • more short hairstyles

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Our definition of Short Hairstyles: All haircuts that are chin length or shorter, including short bobs, very short hairstyles, and pixie cuts.