Newest Hairstyles for Long Hair (6)

Long hair can be both a blessing and a curse. It is always in vogue, but sometimes you get bored with it. One of the best parts about having long hair is it opens up numerous possibilities to experiment and try different styles. Let the below ideas for long hairstyles inspire you!
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  • Adapted 1960s hairstyle with nose-length bangs
  • 1960s inspired hairstyle for beige blonde hair
  • Long trend hairstyle with tapered sides
  • Timeless hairstyle with bangs and curled ends
  • Dark long hair with platinum blonde streaks
  • Platinum blonde hair with layers and blunt bangs
  • Long brown hair with blonde highlights
  • Long hair with curved ends and a straight body
  • Ultra straight hair with diagonal bangs
  • Just below the shoulders hair with shiny curls
  • Super straight long brown hair
  • Long red hair with large curls and bangs
  • Very long straight and shiny hair
  • Long hairstyle for 50 plus women
  • Long hairstyle with curls for older women
  • Very long and short hair combined in one cut
  • Long hair with spikes and planned irregularity
  • Long tousled hair with winged bangs
  • Brunette shoulder length hair with waves
  • Long and voluminous hair with golden accents
  • Long blonde hair with pink streaks
  • Hair with curls and multiple colors
  • Long hairstyle for sleek Asian hair
  • Curly hair with red and copper tones
  • Long hair with strong cutting lines
  • Mid back blonde hair with large layers
  • Long feathered hair with a sophisticated blonde hue
  • Bouncy hairstyle with an overlapping side part
  • Very long hair with yellow accent strands
  • more long hairstyles

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